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TrashCan for Magento



Easy to install; Easy to use; THE missing feature in Magento

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DeleteAnyOrder in Magento



Safely delete orders and all associated data from your Magento database. Excellent for cleaning up testing sites.

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If you have a question, do mail us at info@yireo.com or tweet to @yireo

Yireo is an internet company based in The Netherlands, with a flexible team of freelancers. We work from home. We work at night when we want to. We love technology and work to open it up to you, so you can benefit from it also.

Focus on extension development

Yireo is the home of several Joomla! and Magento extensions. While some of these extensions are offered for free, other extensions are offered against a fee - to provide ourselves with an income, which again guarantees continued support and long-term development.

We help the community

Yireo tries to help webdevelopers build successful Joomla! and Magento sites. This is done in various ways:

  • We provide free extensions, either on our site or GitHub
  • We provide free documentation, for Joomla! and Magento
  • We sponsor numerous events like Joomla!Days worldwide
  • We give regular talks on Joomla! User Groups and other social events
  • We help a couple of NGOs on voluntary basis

Yireo in numbers

  • More than 8000 users
  • Customers from over 87 different countries
  • Committed to Linux since a bash-terminal in 1998
  • Committed to Joomla! since Mambo 4.5.1 (September 2004)
  • Committed to Magento since Magento 1.0 (March 2008)
  • Over 40 extensions (excluding 60+ MageBridge extensions)
  • 250+ tutorials
  • 300+ blog-entries
  • Average 15.000 unique visitors per month

Getting in contact with Yireo

Sales and support for all Yireo extensions is offered exclusively through this website - preferably through the Yireo Support Forums. Also see Help for more information. We do not offer phone support or through Skype, unless explicitely mentioned as part of a specific service or subscription.

History of Yireo

Yireo was originally founded through an existing Dutch company in 2008, but various developers left this company in 2011 and started Yireo as an independant company. Since then, the company-size of Yireo has remained small, but numerous freelancers now make up the Yireo team as well.

While Yireo started as a tutorial-club in concept, its focus moved to extension-development after releasing a first draft of MageBridge in 2009. Since then, whle MageBridge still forms the major part of Yireos development work, numerous other Joomla! and Magento extensions have been released. Since late 2012, the Yireo portfolio is also expended with custom services.