Hire the help of Joomla! Gurus

Sometimes things can get a bit complex. You might want to call in extra help for the technical expertise. No problem: You can hire a Yireo professional for a decent price. Let's partner up!

Joomla! Advanced Templating

Our team includes professional Joomla! template-developers, that can assist with design-tasks but also more advanced template-configurations.

Vm2Mage Full Migration

Vm2Mage allows you to fully migrate data, but things can be complex at times. We can cover the whole migration for you, so you can focus on the Magento site.

Joomla! Performance Tuning

Everybody wants a fast site. But this requires lots of technical knowledge. Why not hire the experts, so you can focus on webdesign instead?

Vm2Mage Installation

If Vm2Mage is not properly setup, migration might be a struggle. To know for sure that migration becomes a success, hire the experts to install the lot.

Joomla! Development

For some jobs, a custom Joomla! extension might be needed. Hire the experts of Yireo to build such an extension in a professional manner.