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On our Yireo site, you can find numerous free and commercial Joomla! extensions. We love to help you build great Joomla! sites. With our extensions you can!

Auto Login IP

Automatically login as user X from a specific IP-address. Why bother displaying a login-form?
-- FREE --

Bootstrap Accordion Menu

Need a simple accordion-based menu for your Twitter Bootstrap-based Joomla! template? This is what you need...
-- FREE --

Demo Site

Simple but effective: If you are running a demo-site, this plugin is able to show a little notice on all yo...
-- FREE --


Whoops, a page not found. But instead of displaying an ugly error, why not help your visitors find the righ...
€ 23.90


Fancybox is a popular Lightbox-effect based on jQuery. This plugin allows you to easily implement the Fancy...
-- FREE --

GitHub Events

Display GitHub events on your site, to promote your repos even more
-- FREE --

GitHub Repos

Display GitHub repos on your site - a simple listing of your shared work.
-- FREE --

Google Optimizer

Google Optimizer allows you to tune conversion by adding flags within various pages of your site. This plug...
-- FREE --


More control over your translations
Less expensive than hiring translators
Much faster than frontend tran...
€ 28.90

Graphdat for Joomla

Add Joomla! plugin-events to Graphdat monitoring
-- FREE --

HTTP Authentication

Development sites are sometimes hosted on publicly available sites, while access is still unwanted. This pl...
-- FREE --

Joomla! API for Magento

Using this JoomlaApi extension plugin, you can integrate the Magento codebase into Joomla!, and write Jooml...
-- FREE --

Language Domains

Joomla! multilinguality is cool and complete. This plugin extends allows you to define a specific domain fo...
-- FREE --


MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them vis...
€ 95.-

Magento API for Joomla!

Using this MagentoApi plugin, you can integrate the Magento codebase into Joomla!, and write e-commerce cod...
-- FREE --

New Relic

The New Relic service offers professional monitoring of your site and server performance. When analyzing Jo...
-- FREE --

PayPal Access

Most people have a PayPal account. why not allow your users to log into your site using this PayPal account...
-- FREE --


Integrate Piwik in your Joomla! site, while not using any client-side code.
Compliant with EU cookie-regul...
-- FREE --


Less CSS and JS files on your pages increases your page speed. This extension allows you to merge files tog...
-- FREE --

SEF Test

Troubleshooting SEF URLs is a common job for Joomla! admins. This plugin allows for easy switching between ...
-- FREE --


Handle content in a flexible way, and build "listings" as efficiently as possible: Peoplebooks, FAQ, teaser...
-- FREE --

SSL Redirection

Joomla! can be configured to use SSL. But this does not mean that all your secure pages are actually kept s...
-- FREE --

Static Content

Hosting images, stylesheets or files on a remote location, might save bandwidth - thus increase performance...
-- FREE --


Trademarks are important and to protect them, tagging certain words as trademark is important as well. This...
-- FREE --


Vm2Mage offers you a clean migration-tool to migrate your webshop from VirtueMart to Magento. The tool is e...
€ 88.40

WebP for Joomla!

Googles WebP replaces GIF, JPG and PNG with the new WebP format, reducing the size of your images dramatica...
-- FREE --

Yireo Template Helper

Every Joomla! template needs PHP-code, but using the Joomla! Framework can be hard. This library makes life...
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