Auto Login IP

Automatically login as user X from a specific IP-address. Why bother displaying a login-form?

When you have a site that is only accessible for registered users, it might be a pain to login every time - even when your login credentials are filled in automatically. This plugin allows you to configure a specific user-ID and an IP-address (or range of IP-addresses). You are logged in automatically as that user once you visit the site from that IP.


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Current version 1.0.3 (Stable)
Requirements Joomla! 2.5.3 or higher
Joomla! 3.0.0 or higher
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License GNU/GPL (General Public License)
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Dealing with offline-pages properly

When developing a Joomla! frontend-site, you probably take the site Offline by modifying the Global Configuration. But it takes more time to finish, you don't want to have your early adapters see an ugly Joomla! offline-message showing a login-box: That gives the wrong message - you do not want them to login at all. So beautifying the offline-page is a good step forward: Put up a nice picture, some text telling everybody to come back in a year or so.

But having no login-box also gives you the problem of not being able to login so easily. This plugin solves that. Just enter your IP-address in the plugin-options, enter the user-ID of the person you want to login as, and you're done: Once you visit your Joomla! offline frontend, you will be logged in automatically. It also works excellent while testing through portable devices (mobiles, tables). No need to type in difficult usernames and passwords.

IP matching

Authentication is configured with either a simple IP-field and Userid-field in the Basic Parameters or a more advanced Userid-IP mapping under the Advanced Parameters. In both cases, the Userid is simply the ID that you copy from the Joomla! User Manager, while the IP-match can be done using a couple of matching rules:

  • Direct match: The value of the IP matches the IP-address directly. For instance:
  • IP with wildcard matching: The value contains star-wildcards * to match various numbers at once. For instance: 127.*.0.*.
  • IP ranges: The value contains a range-start and range-end, seperated by a dash -. For instance:

The Userid-IP mapping contains a list of newline-seperated mappings that map an userid (on the left) with an IP (on  the right). For instance, the following rules would login anybody on the network 192.168 as Joomla! user with ID 42, while anybody on the network 192.169 would be logged in as Joomla! user with ID 43.


Security warning

Ofcourse be aware that there is a security risk. If a hacker decides to spoof your IP-address, he's in. Note that the hacker will still needs to guess that AutoLoginIp is actually, and needs to find out your IP. When the hacker is in, he's only logged into the Joomla! frontend (the plugin doesn't do anything in the Joomla! backend). If you're a bit scared of this to happen (whatever), just configure a Joomla! user with limited rights (so, a Registered user, not a Super User).

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