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Dynamic404 - Changelog / Roadmap

Revision Details
Dynamic404 Roadmap

Add note to logs if redirect rule already exists
Add System Plugin to redirect direct matches regardless of 404
Export / import rules
Dynamic404 1.0.32
Released in: April 2014
Support for Joomla! Search Plugins
New Dynamic404 plugin for MijoShop
Fix Dynamic404 plugin for ZOO
Dynamic404 1.0.31
Released in: March 2014
Add new J3.2 exception handling to System Plugin
Dynamic404 1.0.30
Released in: March 2014
Catch "Category Not Found" session-notice and turn it into 404-error
Dynamic404 1.0.29
Released in: March 2014
Micro-release to allow full URL match with just a slash /
Dynamic404 1.0.28
Released in: February 2014
New option "Redirect non-404 errors"
Improve ACL-permissions in backend
Improve error-handling with simple check for non-existent components
Dynamic404 1.0.27
Released in: January 2014
Update language-files
Using Menu-Item as error-page failed in environments installed in subfolder
Language-flag was added with ampersand on SEF URLs also
Dynamic404 1.0.26
Released in: January 2014
PHP notice-fixes when using your own error.php without Dynamic404 code
Apply SEF URLs when using Menu-Item as custom error-page
When configuring Menu-Item error-pages, setting the error-page type to Menu-Item is required now
Dynamic404 1.0.25
Released in: December 2013
Empty error-object in J32 causes Fatal Error
Fixed PHP notices
Dynamic404 1.0.24
Released in: November 2013
FIX: Allow full URL-matches also to work on index.php?option=com_example
Dynamic404 1.0.23
Released in: November 2013
Do not redirect if the HTTP-status is a 500-error
Menu-Item as Error-page was not language-compliant
Major update of language-files
Dynamic404 1.0.22
Released in: October 2013
FIX: Allow destination-URL to be partial, relative or absolute
Dynamic404 1.0.21
Released in: September 2013
DEV: Re-design of control panel
FIX: K2 plugin not handling ACLs properly
FIX: Remove 2 PHP Notices from SimpleLists plugin
Dynamic404 1.0.20
Released in: July 2013
Fix PHP-error when using Menu-Item as error-page under J3
Dynamic404 1.0.19
Released in: July 2013
Improved redirect-rules for Menu-Items
Access-rules were not included in newest package
Redirect non-www to www
Add J3 styling to GUI
J3 ordering of redirect-rules caused error
Dynamic404 1.0.18
Released in: May 2013
FIX: Updates of language-files frontend
NEW: Search article-categories
NEW: Simple anti-hacker rules
NEW: Plugin for EasyBlog component
FIX: Improved matching by exploding URL-segment with dashes
Dynamic404 1.0.17
Released in: February 2013
DEV: Internal API-changes
Dynamic404 1.0.16
Released in: February 2013
FIX: PHP-notices caused by incorrect rules
FIX: Component-warning when deleting logs
NEW: Add-rule from logs will now copy request as well
NEW: Joomla! 3.0 compatibility
NEW: Add status-code to error-pages if Joomla! doesn't
DEV: Drop compatibility with Joomla! 1.5
Dynamic404 1.0.15
Released in: May 2012
FIX: Component could not be selected as Menu-Item
FIX: Wrapping error-page in normal template did not work
NEW: Option to disable ads in backend
FIX: Load request in Menu-Item-based error-page
FIX: Set timeout of loop-prevention to 30 seconds
Dynamic404 1.0.14
Released in: March 2012
Update of libraries
Changes in language-files
Dynamic404 1.0.13
Released in: February 2012
Check for CURL-function curl_init()
Update of GUI libraries
After adding redirect based on log, overview is wrong
Regular expressions in both source as destination URL
Don't log static redirects
Dynamic404 1.0.12
Released in: October 2011
Base64-encode URL when linking log "Add rule"
Remove .php prefix from URL as well (just like .html)
Removed HTTP-status 304 because it should not be used for redirects
Do not log entries that are redirected
Redirecting Menu-Items under Joomla! 1.5 failed with empty name