PayPal Access

Most people have a PayPal account. why not allow your users to log into your site using this PayPal account? It saves them the trouble of creating a new account manually.

PayPal Access allows you to authenticate your Joomla! users with PayPal, and reuse that information (firstname, lastname, email, address-data) within Joomla! components. Authenticated users are automatically logged into the Joomla! frontend.


Price Free
Current version 0.2.0 (Stable)
Requirements Joomla! 2.5.8 or higher
Joomla! 3.2.0 or higher
Download GitHub downloads
Support Support Forum
License GNU/GPL (General Public License)
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Setup instructions

  • Register a new application for use with PayPal Access:
  • Install the component, the module and the plugin of this extension in Joomla!
  • Configure the OAuth settings in the component-backend
  • Enable the Authentication Plugin
  • Assign the module to some template-position in your Joomla! template
  • Click on the icon of the module to login through PayPal

What is PayPal Access?

paypal logoFirst of all, PayPal Access is a product from PayPal that allows users to authenticate against the PayPal user-database. Instead of keeping track of user-records that are scattered all-over the web, with PayPal Access, you only need to keep trace of your PayPal user credentials.

But there's more: After authenticating with PayPal Access, extra user-fields like firstname, lastname but also postcode, country, streetname, city and phone, come available in Joomla!. This means that registration forms could be (in theory) autocompleted without you entering any details. Live could not be easier.

This Yireo extension gets PayPal Access up and running in no time on your Joomla! site, and aims to integrate itself with numerous Joomla! extensions like MageBridge, VirtueMart, Tienda and JomSocial.

Third party development

PayPal data are added to a $_SESSION['ppa'] array for use in other Joomla! components. This also includes a profile object with address-information of the end-user. If the Authentication Plugin is enabled, you will be logged in automatically.

See for all the steps the Configuring PayPal Access guide.

paypalaccess popup


GitHub open source contributions

PayPal Access is an open source project, that you can help along with. If you have any improvements, send it to us: Use our public GitHub repository to send us a pull request, or send us a Gist of your code.


Feature request?

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