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SimpleLists - Changelog / Roadmap

Revision Details
Released in: January 2014
Fix of missing form.xml in new System Plugin
Shortened form-labels in Menu-Item configuration
Make sure access-level is Public by default
Released in: January 2014
New SimpleLists System Plugin to allow for form-modifications
Alpha of SimpleListsContent plugin to display core-articles in SL layout
Released in: January 2014
Bugfix of basic-fieldset missing
Released in: December 2013
Item did not edit in backend properly (saving was ok)
Items-module crashed when layout was not explicitely set
Removed Joomla! 1.5 legacy code
Released in: December 2013
SL Content Plugin now compatible with J3
Yireo Library update
Fix minor PHP-notices in backend
New SL Index module
Released in: November 2013
FIX: Column-option of Picture-layout did not work properly anymore
NEW: Column-option of Picture-layout now supports Bootstrap
FIX: Repair of XML-updates
FIX: Menu-Items did not select category properly in J3.2
Released in: October 2013
FIX: Allow for Guest-access-level in J3
FIX: Categories-view was not filtering by parent-category properly
FIX: Links for subcategories in various views were incorrect
FIX: Code compliance
FIX: Various PHP-warnings for static methods
Released in: October 2013
Switch from MooTools to jQuery in backend
Fix for file-selection in J3 backend
Fix numerous PHP-notices
Added Joomla! updater support
Released in: May 2013
NEW: Image-alignment toggle-option to switch from left to right to left
FIX: Remove requirement for SimpleLists Link Default plugin
FIX: J2.5.10 API changed causing PHP-error with empty $path
FIX: Various PHP notices in PHP Strict Mode
NEW: EasyBlog Link plugin
Released in: February 2013
FIX: Image- and File-button did not work after library-update
FIX: Upgrade of jQuery to fix errors in bootstrap.js
FIX: Toggle doesn't work due to Bootstrap errors
NEW: Setting to disable automatic thumb-creation in backend
NEW: Button in control panel to run SQL-update-queries manually
NEW: CSS-classes for first, last, odd, even
NEW: Read-more link in SimpleLists-module
FIX: Improved URL-detection in SimpleLists-module
FIX: Database-upgrades in Joomla! 3.0 caused exceptions
FIX: Ordering was reset to 0
FIX: Pagination failed since
Released in: January 2013
Fix in ACL-system for backend-items
System option to allow query-debugging
Released in: January 2013
FIX: pkg_simplelists did not include new SimpleListsLink plugins
FIX: Published-field only works in item-overview, not item-edit
NEW: Frontend-support for new access-levels
NEW: Basic backend-support for ACL
FIX: Language-files not included in SimpleListsLink plugins
DEV: Rename plg_simplelists_ plugins to plg_simplelistslink_
Released in: December 2012
DEV: Logo changed
FIX: Old template-files in backend where not removed
FIX: Newly added items did not save category-settings
NEW: Rewrite frontend MooTools effects to jQuery
NEW: Installer should clean up old files and directories
FIX: Update of SimpleLists Items module
Released in: December 2012
FIX: Parent-category not working on categories-page
PROD: SimpleLists Pro version for additional support
FIX: Wrong DS-usage in modalbox
FIX: Category-saving not working on first edit
NEW: Alpha-compatibility with Joomla! 3.0
FIX: Update of modules language-file
NEW: Extra readmore-link for items-module
FIX: Selecting files in popup does not select file
NEW: Extra flag parameters (new, popular, featured) using additional CSS-class
NEW: Parameter to disable automatic ordering (ordering=0)
DEV: Update of language-strings of component-configuration
FIX: Table-layout tr-element not added properly when having only 1 item
FIX: Table-parameter columns missing
DEV: Update of Yireo Library
NEW: Bootstrap support in backend
NEW: Remember active-tab in item-edit
NEW: Toggle layout now uses Bootstrap accordion
NEW: Rewrite of various layouts to Bootstrap HTML
NEW: Rewrite of MooTools-scripts to jQuery
Released in: January 2012
FIX: Wrong XML-definitions in J1.5 caused install-failure
FIX: Categories not created correctly in J1.7 and J2.5
FIX: Double icons in category-edit screen
FIX: File-upload in modal-box (J16+ only)
NEW: First tests with Joomla! 2.5 succesful
Released in: March 2012
FIX: Jumplabel-option for toggle layout
FIX: j15 JavaScript bug in double Accordion
FIX: Alphabetic bar throws white page
NEW: Alphabetic bar only links letters that are actually in use
Released in: February 2012
FIX: Picture-alignment did not work in table-layout
NEW: Extra component-option "SEF URL" for Nooku SEF compatibility
NEW: Update of search plugin
FIX: Module does not allow selecting a category
FIX: Redesign of module parameters in j16+
FIX: If only 1 category exists, auto-select that category when editing an item
FIX: Display item-title, item-text and item-picture by default
Released in: April 2012
FIX: Subcategory links are not working
FIX: ACL fixes for managing backend
FIX: New items did not save category-relations
FIX: Template-overrides were not properly working
FIX: Category-models was still referring to old database-structure
FIX: Windows compatibility with selecting image
FIX: Module setting "Link Image"
FIX: Order categories by alphabet
FIX: Options of Categories Menu-Item were not working in J25
FIX: Make sure title & text default to show, not hide
NEW: jUpgrade XML-file
Released in: May 2012
FIX: Categories still not properly saved
NEW: Category page in two columns
NEW: Stylesheets for items-module
FIX: Router when displaying single SimpleLists item
Released in: January 2012
FIX: Warning when list is empty
FIX: PHP Fatal Error when accessing Menu-Items
FIX: Component-params are not initialized at setup
Released in: December 2011
NEW: Joomla! 1.6 and Joomla! 1.7 support
NEW: Refactory of upgrades and complete removal (database tables)
NEW: Plugins of group "SimpleListsLink" to allow easy extending of SimpleLists
NEW: Unpublish date
FIX: Add correct date to RSS-items
NEW: Content plugin