MageBridge platform

MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them visually, but also offering usersync, additional performance, extension integration and much more.

You can get MageBridge through various subscriptions: Each subscription is valid for a certain period - during which you receive free updates and free support - and a number of domains (for which you can receive updates & support). You can also choose to use MageBridge, by downloading its sources for free from Subversion. Note that this is ment for developers, and it comes without support or guarantees.

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Plan Subscription Subscription GitHub source
Subscription (1) 3 months 1 year -
Included Hostnames for Updates and Support (2) 2 hostnames 6 hostnames -
Open Source Code Yes Yes Yes
Full Functionality Yes Yes Yes
Easy updating (3) Yes Yes No
Support Yes Yes No
Core modules 16 modules 16 modules 9 modules
Core Plugins 14 plugins 14 plugins 14 plugins
Product Plugins 25 plugins 25 plugins Not included
Newsletter Plugins 3 plugins 3 plugins Not included
Profile Plugins 3 plugins 3 plugins Not included
Store Plugins 8+ plugins 8+ plugins Only multilingual
Profile Plugins 3 plugins 3 plugins Only core plugin
Price 95 Euro 195 Euro Free
  Subscribe now Subscribe now Git access

1) MageBridge is always fully open source. After the subscription expires, nothing stops working. The only thing that stops are updates from within the MageBridge Update Manager and our support.

2) Within your Yireo Account, you can easily configure domains for which you want to receive updates and support. This is only used during the subscription-period.

3) The MageBridge core source code is available through Git, but one-click updates plus advanced extensions are only included with subscriptions.

Out of our appreciation for you, when renewing your subscription you get a 25 Euro discount. Just make sure you're ordering the renewal, while you're logged into the same Yireo Account used for the previous order.

Subscriptions per domain

Each hostname for either Joomla! or Magento should be registered as a configured hostname in your Yireo Account. The number of hostnames you can use for updates & support depends on the subscription you have purchased.

How you divide the hostnames is up to you: You can configure various hostnames for production, testing and development usage - which is something we highly recommend. But you can also install Joomla! and Magento under the same domain.

Please note that and count as separate hostnames.

Upgrades and support

A MageBridge support-key (as configured under your Yireo Account) is valid for the entire subscription period (see the comparison chart above). This period is starting from the time of purchase. Within this subscription period you can access our extensive MageBridge documentation, ask for support on the online Yireo Support Forum, but also access one-click upgrades.

Important note: You can still use MageBridge after your subscription expires. The software is open source and our licensing only counts for upgrades and support. The forum is open to the public, however questions will only be answered by the Yireo team when using a valid subscription.

About pricing and payment

A MageBridge support-key can be purchased in our webshop. Prices are listed in Euros and are excluding tax (VAT). Mentioned prices in USD are an indication only - the actual USD price depends on the calculated currency rating at the time of purchase. We only accept online payments.

MageBridge saves you time & money