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Get control over your translations
No need for hiring expensive translators
Faster than frontend translat...
€ 28.90


Add a listing of manufacturers, colors, brands, sizes to any block-position in your Magento theme or conten...
€ 23.90

Checkout Tester

Preview success-page in your browser
Essential tool for Magento
-- FREE --


Maintain profiles of sizes (weight, length, etc) for your customers, and let customers attach a profile to ...
€ 79.90


Safely delete orders and all associated data from your Magento database. Excellent for cleaning up testing ...
€ 29.90


Disable logging in Magento - for search-bots or just every request - and increase performance slightly
-- FREE --

Email Override

Copy email-templates from the default Magento app/locale folder to your own Magento theme-folder.
-- FREE --

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is popular, but requires various steps to be implemented in Magento. This extension saves ...
€ 28.90


This GoogleAnalytics implementation for Magento is optimized for modification by developers and fit for Mag...
-- FREE --


Google Plus One is a popular way of adding "likes" to your webpages. This extension easily adds Google +1 t...
-- FREE --


Google Tag Manager offers a central way to manage all your Google tags.
-- FREE --


More control over your translations
Less expensive than hiring translators
Much faster than frontend tran...
€ 28.90

Identification Required

This extension makes it possible to prevent an order to be shipped, until a customers identify has been ver...
€ 87.50

Joomla! API for Magento

Using this JoomlaApi extension plugin, you can integrate the Magento codebase into Joomla!, and write Jooml...
-- FREE --


MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them vis...
€ 95.-

MageBridge Redirect

Block access to your Magento frontend quickly, and auto-redirect to Joomla!
-- FREE --

Magento API for Joomla!

Using this MagentoApi plugin, you can integrate the Magento codebase into Joomla!, and write e-commerce cod...
-- FREE --

New Relic

The New Relic service offers professional monitoring of your site and server performance. When analyzing Ma...
-- FREE --

ProfilerLog for Magento

Magento's built-in profiler only allows you to profile a single page. Our ProfilerLog allows you to profile...
€ 16.90


This extension allows you to add RAL-colors to your Magento products using default Custom Options, so custo...
€ 48.80

Repeated Sales

Appreciate what your customers bought in the past. Apply discount rules to old order-items as well.
€ 28.90

Sales Block

Gently block customers by email or IP-address
Protect yourself against creditcard fraud
€ 23.90

SearchEngine PageCache

Optimize your page-speeds for search-engines by enabling full-page caching.
Speeds up your site considera...
-- FREE --


Information like phpinfo(), Magento conflicts, or alike, is sometimes hard to find. Get this extension and ...
-- FREE --


Vm2Mage offers you a clean migration-tool to migrate your webshop from VirtueMart to Magento. The tool is e...
€ 88.40

WebP for Magento

Google has developed WebP - a replacement for GIF, JPG and PNG, which reduces the size of your images. Impl...
-- FREE --


Woopra offers real-time statistics for tracking (and even contacting) users. With this extension, you can e...
-- FREE --