This guide gives you a few hints, when Dynamic404 does not seem to be behaving as it should. For instance, when you have created a custom rule, here you can find how to troubleshoot this correctly.

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Within the Dynamic404 component, the toolbar lists a button Preferences which contains the following configuration-options.

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Dynamic404 works flawlessly together with the Joomla! core as well as popular extensions like ZOO and K2. With VirtueMart however, there are various difficulties when trying to fetch 404-errors and making them useful for your visitors. The architecture of VirtueMart is outdated, but it's still possible to make use of Dynamic404. This tutorial describes a core hack in the code of VirtueMart to modify the 404-behaviour of VirtueMart.

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The Dynamic404 extension for Joomla! allows you to convert 404-errors into 301-redirects. It is easy in its setup. This tutorial guides you through the installation and the basic configuration.

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To show the usage of Dynamic404, let's assume that we have an old URL http://JOOMLA/old.html which has been renamed to the URL http://JOOMLA/new.html. Because of this, the old URL old.html throws a 404-error which we want to redirect to the new URL.

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Dynamic404 makes use of a System Plugin to override the normal behaviour of Joomla! error-handling. This means that you will no longer use the error.php file located in the template, but use Dynamic404s built-in mechanism instead. This guide shows you how to change this Dynamic404 behaviour, and use both your own error.php file as well as the Dynamic404 logic.

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Joomla! uses two types of URLs: Non-SEF URLs (also called System URLs) and SEF-URLs (Search Engine Optimized URLs). Since System URLs make extensive use of numeric IDs, there's no logical guessing to be done here. Dynamic404 will there for only work with SEF enabled.

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