Magento by default loads a lot of scripts, that are needed to run the entire theme as Magento generates it. However, when integrating Magento visually into Joomla! using MageBridge, only some parts of the theme are actually used. And therefor some Magento scripts can be configured not to load in Joomla!.

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The following is a listing of common JavaScript errors with MageBridge, Joomla! and/or Magento.

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When working with Joomla! and Magento combined, JavaScript errors might easily occur. Step 1 in solving a JavaScript error is identifying it properly. To do this, you will need to work with the JavaScript Error Console of your browser. This tutorial gives you the basics.

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By combining the themes of both Magento as Joomla! on a single page, MageBridge creates its own problem: While the HTML and CSS can only create glitches in the appearance of the HTML-document, conflicting JavaScript-frameworks cause the functionality to crash. Magento uses the Scriptaculous / Prototype framework, Joomla! is now opting for jQuery but traditionally still uses the MooTools framework - and those frameworks (Prototype and MooTools) bite. This article serves as a gathering of information for those of you willing to experiment with this JavaScript-battle.

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