Magento is a complex product, and this complexity comes with a downside: On a non-optimized hosting environment Magento can be quite slow. This whitepaper discusses options on how to optimize things so that the Vm2Mage migration goes as fast as possible.

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When migrating VirtueMart products to Magento, Vm2Mage also offers the ability to migrate product-images. Because this involves more than just a simple data-transfer, you could run into problems. This document helps you through the neccessary steps to troubleshoot this.

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The following FAQ contains questions and answers on installing and configuring Vm2Mage.

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The following FAQ contains questions and answers on Vm2Mage troubleshooting.

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With Vm2Mage you can safely migrate VirtueMart-data to Magento. But if you want to start all over again, deleting all products, categories and customers manually is a boring task. This whitepaper shows you how to use a bunch of SQL-commands to reach the same effect.

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Vm2Mage tries to migrate information as best as it can from VirtueMart from Magento, but some information is just not fitting into the Magento world. This article lists the current limitations of Vm2Mage.

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Customer records are easily migrated by Vm2Mage from VirtueMart to Magento - including all their details (orders and addresses). However, there are a couple of things you need to know before starting off. This whitepaper deals with all customer-related topics with Vm2Mage.

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With Vm2Mage various data are migrated into Magento entities (based on the complex EAV-database structure that Magento uses), but there is one main exception to this migraton: Orders. This tutorial explains you the bits about this specific part of the migration.

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Vm2Mage is an ongoing project. As more VirtueMart sites are migrated to Magento, more work will be put into new features or bugfixes of the Vm2Mage extensions. If you encounter a bug, first upgrade to the latest available version. This tutorial shows you how to do that.

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Before migrating VirtueMart data to Magento, you need to think things over. Vm2Mage is like a swiss-army knife. Migration is easy, but you need to understand how this migration works and how you should use Vm2Mage for your specific situation. This can be done by setting up a migration strategy.

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Vm2Mage allows you to migrate from VirtueMart to Magento, and uses various extensions in both Joomla! as Magento to do so. This tutorial lays down all the steps.

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Migrating products is easy with Vm2Mage. You just hit the Migrate button and the AJAX-process is starting to migrate batches of VirtueMart products to Magento. But a product can have dependencies. This tutorial outlines all the steps to safely migrate products.

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Before migrating products, you will need to configure all the tax-options in Magento. Within VirtueMart you will need to go to "Tax > List Tax Rates". Within Magento you will need to go to "Sales > Tax". Note that within Magento tax rules are very flexible, thus harder to configure.

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