Introducing Yireo labs

It was quiet for some time, while we working on MageBridge 1.6. But Yireo was ment as more than just a site around one extension (MageBridge). We have already released numerous extensions (both Joomla! as Magento, both free as commercial) that help administrators do their job. Now, we can add more stuff to them: Our labs.

The stuff we make

While we release much software through our Yireo site, we have much more software laying on the shelf. The problem is that we sometimes use this software for customers (custom projects), but also that we sometimes start something which we never finish. With the release of our labs, we can share this work with you. It will come without support, and is primarily ment for developers.

MageBridge labs

The MageBridge Labs page is listing various experiments that we have done so far. MageBridge has grown to be not just an extension, but a platform on which other extensions can be built. With MageBridge 1.7 we hope to release a further integration between popular CCKs like ZOO, FLEXIcontent and K2. While that work is already on the road, it will be worthwhile to release some alpha-work to allow developers to help us in this process.

Integration with Nooku is also listed as lab, but much less in the picture, simply because MageBridge will definitely NOT be rewritten using the Nooku Framework. Still, the lab-pages mention various interesting integrations that are possible to accomplish. Add to these labs, the various MageBridge connectors and template-patches, and you can see that MageBridge is growing more and more to be a platform than just an extension.

FLEXIcontent labs

But we do not focus only on MageBridge. For our own Yireo site (and some other custom projects) we have worked on using FLEXIcontent. Despite some issues we had, we have found this to be a wonderful tool - but we needed some extra modifications: This work is also shared on our FLEXIcontent Labs page.

Under this lab, you can find various of our plugins that integrate FLEXIcontent with our own extensions, but also for example the JXtended Finder component. We are planning to release various other FLEXIcontent add-ons as well in the near future - see stay tuned.

Yireo Template Helper

Last but not least, our Yireo Template Helper (a single PHP-class called Yth) is also moved to these lab-pages. The class could easily be included in your own Joomla! template, and allows various tricks to be performed. Ofcourse, you can always use a Joomla! templating framework (WARP, Construct, Gantry) but if you are more eager to stay with the basics, this class provides excellent help.

And more labs will keep coming...