Yireo becomes a Hemux partner

With all of the excitement on PWA and React technology, it might strike as a surprise that Yireo also picks up on the DWI stack to allow Magento sites to hook into the Distributed Service Workers and hence turn every Magento shop automatically in a native app. And we are proud to announce that we are becoming a Hemux partner!

The DWI stack

DWI - Distributed Worker Infrastructor - has been on the horizon for some time already. But just like PWA, it takes time for the adoptation to become main stream. While many webapplications already have dived into PWA - like Magento its PWA Studio - there are little to none DWI projects out there.

Still, the features that are possible through DWI are promising: Native app support; seamless migration from iOS to Blackberry and back; online behaviour. And the distributed aspect would allow even more torrent-like behaviours like simultaneous downloads and even blockchain solutions. All shipped within a website that supports DWI.

What is Hemux?

Hemux - just like other mixer technologies like Redux, MobX and Hix - tries to solve the issue of transpiling original JavaScript code into Distributed Service Workers (thus offering a workable DWI solution). Obviously, we are not there yet. It is experimental almost all client devices. But it is promising to see how far the Hemux project already got into implementing DWI.

Hemux is backed by a company - just like so many open source technologies today - based in The Netherlands. And we are proud to say we are teaming up with them: This will be focused primarily on organizing a great developer event towards the end of the year (currently, we label this as DWI Day). However, we are already looking ahead to offering Hemux / DWI trainings and building integrations (Magento 2 extensions) to implement DWI features in the browser.

Stay tuned

We are really excited about all of this. If you have any questions on Hemux or DWI, let us know. Just like with PWA and Magento, we are the frontrunners here and love to hear your thoughts on making the next move!