MageBridge Installation Service

mbinstallationYireo offers an installation service for MageBridge for the amount of 100 Euro. This amount includes the installation of MageBridge in both Joomla! as Magento and the basic configuration of the bridge. We install, you build - this might save you a lot of time and frustation.

Note that a MageBridge license needs to be purchased separately.



For the Yireo Team to go ahead with the installation of MageBridge the following is needed:

boxWhat you get

Your MageBridge setup done by experts

cartHow to order?

  1. Use the button below to order the installation service
  2. Send a mail to with all installation details (see the requirements above)
  3. We'll let you know when we can schedule this installation (mostly within 1 week). As starter, we login to the environment. If we find any problems, we will notify you right away. If no problems are found, we will proceed with the installation.

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With the installation service we hope to help you save time. Our experts are familiar with the workings of MageBridge and also have solid knowledge of hosting environments. None the less, there are problems that can occur during the installation of MageBridge, which can not be solved by Yireo:

When such problems arise we will report you this problem, but such an issue will need to be resolved by yourself. If you can provide us SSH-access with root-privileges, we can see if we can optimize your environment as part of the MageBridge installation. Be aware that there might be additional charges involved here. We will notify you if this will be the case.