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Programming Joomla Plugins

A complete reference guide for plugins
More than 300 pages full of coding
Written by Jisse Reitsma

"This is the best Joomla book I ever read."
Christian Hent

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Magento 2 Development II Training

01 Dec 2017

Magento 2 Development II Training

Language: Dutch

Magento 2 has arrived. This training is the second part of our Magento 2 developer training that gives developers a kickstart to start developing i...

Country: Nederland

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Upcoming Joomla Training

Magento 2 Command-Line

06 Dec 2017

Magento 2 Command-Line

This training gives merchants all practical input to manage and maintain Magento 2 on a technical level. It will cover concepts like code compilati...

Country: United Kingdom

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