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Problem with SEF and category view

Hi, i'm running Joomla 1.5.15, PHP Version 5.2.11 and Simple List and Joomfish 2.04.
I'm using simple list in picture layout like explained in my other thread (Image link shown in every item - this problem is solved).
Everything works fine until i enable the joomla integrated sef. With SEF enabled the category overview is shown, with all the items but when i click on an item, nothing happens. With sef disabeld the item detail page opens when i click on an item.


This has been added to the SimpleLists roadmap.

Please note that you are using SimpleLists "item-pages" (an item in the list is linked to the item itself) while this functionality has been added for download-support primarily, and not directly for the purpose you use it for. There might be various other bugs (or actually things we did not implement yet). So if you run into too many problems, might I suggest you point your SimpleLists items to Joomla! articles instead. That's what SimpleLists was designed for in the first draws, but we are slowly adding these "item-pages" as well.

ok if it's planned i have not to look for another component, i like simplelists. The SEF url support is not urgent for me and my other problems are all solved and it does want i want it to do