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How about a Woopra Extension for Joomla?

There is only 1 Woopra Extension for Joomla 1.7 and the Site for it is shut down for some reason thus I know nothing about it.

I think it would be a really strong addition to the package to have a Joomla Connector for Woopra in addition to or instead of a Magento one.

Reason is that it is attractive to run multiple Joomla sites pointing at on Magento install with different stores.

I can't for instance get Magento to behave on its own properly reacting to different Domains pointing at the site. MageBridge seems to do pretty well that way.

If I pursue this it would be interesting to see interest pointing at different Joomla Sites (and MageBridge sites) this way.

Is this possible?


The Magento extension for Woopra was developed only with Magento in mind - so there's actually no relation with Joomla! whatsoever. However, any Magento extensions (including this one) can also be used within Joomla!. But as you probably noticed, with some shortcomings.

Developing a Woopra extension for Joomla! was never on our roadmap, simply because there was already one existing. But if that project has died out, we will certainly consider developing it ourselves. We'll probably develop this in February.

Seems that the "hosting site" for the following is back up.


I installed yesterday and it appears to be working ok. Not super obvious about the config on the back end (basically you just add the Domain name to the Plugin, and turn the plugin on).

Getting feedback on the Woopra site though now for the Joomla site. It is less clear what is happening on the Magento Site *(Yireo Plugin) as much of the contact is via MageBridge.


Glad the Joomla! plugin is working out for you. You mention that Woopra is vague about the Magento site (Yireo Woopra plugin in Magento) - actually the Woopra plugin should be working under MageBridge as well, however you will need to make sure that the JavaScript-headers are transferred from Magento to Joomla!. This is a pitfall we tackled earlier with the following guide:

Also, the IP-address of the visitor (browser) is spoofed by MageBridge, so that Woopra in Magento should actually not report the IP of Joomla!, but the IP-address of the visitor.

Let us know how this is working out.

Hey Guys well i think that Woopra is well amazing.I have only just found it. I immediately set up it on 4 websites using this plug-in.Thanks!!