JoomFish languages

JoomFish languages

Within Magento, multilinguality is accomplished by configuring locales to a specific Store or Store View. This logic can be bridged to Joomla! by using MageBridge Store Connectors. The JoomFish Store Connector allows you to configure each JoomFish language to the corresponding Magento languages (or actually, the locale-related Store View).

Cost See MageBridge
Requirements MageBridge core
PHP 5.5.0 or higher (5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1)
Support Support Forum
License GNU/GPL (General Public License)
This extension is part of the MageBridge suite, and is only useful when used within a MageBridge-based site, which has the MageBridge core-component installed. Details on the MageBridge core can be found here.

About MageBridge Store Plugins

When MageBridge contacts Magento, it does so by starting up the Magento application. And whenever the Magento application is started, it is started with a specific Website-scope, Store-scope or Store View-scope. Which Website-scope is selected, is determined normally by your MageBridge Configuration.

But the Store and Store View scopes allow for more dynamic configuration. They can be loaded per page per session differently. The MageBridge Store Plugin provide you with that piece of logic, to allow for a certain Joomla! condition (a specific language, user, period or setting) to load a certain store.

How to get this working

MageBridge Store Plugin can easily be installed in MageBridge using the MageBridge Update Manager. After a plugin is installed, it can be used within the MageBridge Store Relations page in the Joomla! backend.