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JavaScript Training

JavaScript plays a more prominent role on the web every day. We'll guide you into the wonders of this flexible and powerful language.

Learning modern JavaScript

JavaScript has evolved quite a bit in the decades. Language features in ES6+ and TypeScript have lifted up the language to more proper standards, while coding structures allow for the script to have matured into a real programming language. We can help you get this exciting language under control.

Quick details

Travelling expenses

Trainings can be held in The Netherlands, Europe or elsewhere. Travel and hotel expenses will be charged. For travel by car, these expenses equal € 0.19 per kilometer.

English or Dutch

The language spoken at a training can be either English or Dutch - we are fluent in both languages. We can even speak Dunglish - a combination of both. You will not believe what you hear.

Online options

For online training sessions, we can use Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout. It is quicker to organize, requires no travelling expenses and is therefore much easier to schedule.

We are happy to help you out

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Pick your format

Group trainings

If you need a training for your team, we definitely can help you out. Our trainings focus on helping you get the most out of the topic. You can determine the flow of the workshop by picking topics from the list below, or bringing your own topics. Together we can make sure that you are getting to your end goal fast.

  • Inhouse or classroom-based
  • Your location or our location
  • English or Dutch language
  • With professional coursematerial

Online training session

Sometimes distance is an issue. However, we can provide online trainings to help you and your team quickly. The format could be based upon our existing set-topic trainings or it could be in other forms: Q&A sessions, on-demand topics, practical screencasts. You are in control of your own learning process.

  • Via Zoom or Google Hangout
  • Per hour, per halfday or whatever
  • English or Dutch language
  • With professional coursematerial

Personal training

We are happy to help you out with one-on-one training as well. This way you'll get the expert help you need, customized completely to your specific level. You can pick our brain, ask us questions, everything is possible. It is also possible to meet in real life.

  • Via Zoom or Google Hangout
  • Per hour, per halfday or whatever
  • English or Dutch language
  • With professional coursematerial

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