Custom Development

Custom Joomla! Development

For some jobs, a custom Joomla! extension might be needed. Hire the experts of Yireo to build such an extension in a professional manner.

As Joomla! site builder, you have many areas of expertise that you need to know of. But hard-code PHP-development might be a bit too much. This is where Yireo comes to the rescue: We can help you develop solid and flexible Joomla! extensions, so you can focus on building the Joomla! site.

Joomla! service
Price 85 per hour
Requirements Description of functionality
Description of deadline
Budget indication

Component, module or plugin?

Within the Joomla! Framework, there are various extension-types that can be developed. A module, a plugin, a component with either frontend or backend or both. Which extension-type is needed for the job, is something that needs to be determined right from the beginning. The first step we therefor need to make is determine how the functionality that you need first in the Joomla! application.

Server configuration?

If you need help configuring your server, we can also help you out. We have had years of experience maintainin Linux servers, and our knowledge allows us to come to solutions quickly.

Our coding guidelines

All the code that we produce is quality code, and following the Joomla! coding guidelines. This makes sure that the extension that we built, fits nicely into your Joomla! application, but also makes sure that other developers can pick up the work where we leave (no vendor-locking). All code-segments are accompanied by code-comments. Names of variables and methods are choosen carefully. And of course, core hacks are never used.

License and copyright

When developing PHP source-code for Joomla!, it is important to note that the custom-built source-code always needs to fall under the GNU/General Public License - in other words, it has to become open source. However, whether the software is going to be distributed to the public is up to the copyright-holder of the code. When working together, the first thing you and us need to determine is who becomes the owner of the code (so who gets the copyright). Having us keep the copyright of a certain extension, allows us to resell the extension to others, and therefor charge you less hours.


How much it will cost to build an extension, depends heavily on the functionality that you need. Cutting down costs therefor involves also defining as precise as possible what should be built. Our hourly rate is 85 Euro excluding tax.

Contact us

If you would like to hire us for developing a custom Joomla! extension, send an email to including the details of the project, so we can give you a quote.

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.

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