Advanced Templating

Joomla! Advanced Templating

Our team includes professional Joomla! template-developers, that can assist with design-tasks but also more advanced template-configurations.

Designing a Joomla! template can be easy, but when you are building a more complex site with a slick look-and-feel, things are getting tough: Our template-developers are not only experts in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but also have solid knowledge of the Joomla! Framework and PHP.

Joomla! service
Price 85 per hour
Requirements Base Joomla! site running
Graphical design (PSD, FW) ready
Full access to Joomla! Administrator
FTP-access (optionally SSH)

Template frameworks

When building a Joomla! template, one of the choices is to base the template on an existing framework. Using a framework makes things like responsive design (for mobile devices), managing typography and many more common webdesign tasks, simple and efficient. 

While frameworks like Warp (YOOtheme) and Gantry (RocketTheme) allow for very cool end-user templates, we prefer them less when building a new template. However, if you want us to modify an existing template, having such a framework in place poses no problem for us. Just ask us.

Advanced templating techniques

While you can hire us for building an entire Joomla! template, you can also pick up yourself on the webdesign tasks and only hire us for the more complex PHP-work. That work could include:

  • Flexible module positions
  • Grid-based CSS-techniques
  • Custom typography through Google Fonts or CSS3
  • jQuery-based JavaScript effects
  • Template overrides; Custom layouts
  • Calls upon the Joomla! core-classes

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.