V2M Installation Service

Vm2Mage Installation Service

If Vm2Mage is not properly setup, migration might be a struggle. To know for sure that migration becomes a success, hire the experts to install the lot.

Migrating from VirtueMart to Magento sounds simple, but using Vm2Mage requires a tuned hosting environment, and the VM database-tables to be untouched. If you are struggling with a Vm2Mage migration, it is perhaps best to get the right install / support from the experts. Our Vm2Mage Installation Service may save you a lot of time.

Joomla! service
Price 295
Requirements Database access (phpMyAdmin or SSH)
Full access to Joomla! Administrator
Full access to Magento Admin Panel
FTP access
SSH access (optional)
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With our Vm2Mage Install service we guarantee the technical implementation of Vm2Mage and install the software for you. To start with, we also estimate how much extra work might still be needed - we call this the "pre-flight check".

Pre-flight checks

Part of the Vm2Mage Install service is checking whether an automated migration actually makes sense. VirtueMart has been blamed for being messy, and this could also be reflected upon the migration. If too many things need to be migrated manually, perhaps the usage of Vm2Mage is overkill.

If Vm2Mage adds nothing extra to your VirtueMart-to-Magento migration, you'll get your money back

We will take a look at a database dump of the Joomla! database and give you feedback on the VirtueMart integrity. Basic product-information can be migrated without problems, but there might be more specific VirtueMart problems. Also, if some VirtueMart functionality does not exist in Magento, an automated migration is impossible and manual work is required.

For instance, with old VirtueMart versions it was possible to add specific prices to attributes, but in later VirtueMart versions this functionality is offered by using child-products. The latter matches perfectly the logic used by Magento, the concept of Configurable Products. But the earlier VirtueMart functionality is not available in Magento. You will need to manually configure pricing for these products.

With our feedback, you can make an estimation how much extra work you would need to get Magento up and running. If you decided that the Vm2Mage Install Service is not worth the extra money, you can get a refund.

Vm2Mage installation and configuration

To migrate data, Vm2Mage needs to be installed and configured. Installing Vm2Mage means that the hosting environment needs to meet up to the right standards. But to quicken the migration, some PHP-settings could also be tuned to prevent time-outs or PHP Fatal Errors. If problems occur during these steps, we will contact you for an update. Is a migration not feasible, then we refund you the money.

We will install Vm2Mage for you

After installing Vm2Mage in both Joomla! as Magento, the API needs to be configured as well. Sometimes this is straightforward, but it might also involve DNS-issues, local resolving, firewall-rules and more. Note that this service does not include fixing issues on the operating system, but can certainly assist you with any problems if they occur.

You will need to install Joomla! and Magento yourself.

Actual migration

The actual migration of data is not included with this service. The hosting environment is checked, the Vm2Mage extension is installed and the API is up and running: Everything looks fine to start the migration. But do you want to migrate all products to the same Magento Product Tax Class? Do you want to migrate everything at once or pause migration half way in between? These are choices you have to make yourself.