SSL Implementation

Joomla SSL Implementation

Every Joomla site needs SSL to guarantee best ranking. We help you to get there fast.

Implementing SSL can be a pain: It requires technical skills to generate a key and CSR, and it again requires technical skills to add the fresh SSL certificate to the webserver configuration. Instead of struggling, you can hire us to do the job quickly.

Joomla! service
Price 100 per hour
Requirements SSH access as root
Joomla backend

We can help you implement SSL properly. To get SSL working for your Joomla site, there are various steps that need to be taken. First of all, we can generate a so-called CSR (Certificate Signing Request) plus a SSL private key on the server where SSL will be installed. The CSR text will be picked up by you to order an SSL certificate at your preferred partner. Next, this partner will send you a SSL certificate combined with the SSL certificates of the root CA and intermediate CAs. We will pick up on those certificates and install them as needed.

Server requirements

To install SSL certificates for you, we require SSH access as UNIX user root. The server type is flexible - we work with CentOS, CoreOS, Debian and Ubuntu. We can also work with control panels like DirectAdmin, Plesk and CPanel.

LetsEncrypt certificate

Instead of a private SSL certificate (that also adds some SEO value), you might also want to implement a free certificate on your server using the LetsEncrypt initiative. We can help you implement LetsEncrypt on your server, be it for yourself or your customers.

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.