V2M Full Migration

Vm2Mage Full Migration

Vm2Mage allows you to fully migrate data, but things can be complex at times. We can cover the whole migration for you, so you can focus on the Magento site.

Vm2Mage allows for migration of all VirtueMart data to Magento, but setting up the API involves knowledge. Additionally, you have to be familiar with Magento concepts like multisite, multicurrency, tax-rules, attribute-sets, root-catalogs, etcetera - before you can even start using Magento. With our full migration service, we can give you a quick start: Your VirtueMart data will be migrated to Magento, so you can focus on customizing the Magento shop itself.

Joomla! service
Price 85 per hour
See also our Prepaid Packages
Requirements Database access (phpMyAdmin or SSH)
Full access to Joomla! Administrator
Full access to Magento Admin Panel
FTP access
SSH access (optional)

What is covered

We will install and configure Vm2Mage so that it can be used properly for migration. This includes:

  • Installation of Vm2Mage in both Joomla! as Magento
  • Creating an API-user and API-privileges in Magento
  • Checking whether the hosting environment is adequate for migration
  • Setting up Magento scopes and Root Catalogs

After this primary setup, we will migrate the various data from VirtueMart to Magento. We will make sure data are migrated, but we still need your help to confirm whether all data is migrated as needed.

What is not covered

After the migration has been completed, the new Magento catalog is filled. But still, the entire shopping system will need to be configured (payment, checkout, shipping). Also the Magento theme probably needs modification. This type of customization is not included with this service.

Price calculation

Prices are calculated fairly but to the point. We don't believe in fixed prices. Our approach is to charge per hour, so that we don't have to cover up for project-changes, and so that you only pay for the hours actually works. Estimations can be made in advance however: Depending on a number of variables (hosting environment, number of product-types, number of Store-scopes, changes in the VirtueMart database-structure, etectera) we can give you a good estimation of how much time would be needed.

Yireo Prepaid Packages

Instead of paying us by the hour, you could also purchase a Yireo Prepaid Package instead. In effect, getting a support-package gives you a lower hourly rate. Also, it gives us both a commitment to the job at hands. Hours can be spent on any task you need to get done.

  Price Hours Average  
Normal rate € 85 1 hour € 85 / hr  
Yireo Prepaid Package 4 € 320 4 hours € 80 / hr Buy this prepaid package
Yireo Prepaid Package 8 € 600 8 hours € 75 / hr Buy this prepaid package

Prepaid packages expire 1 year after purchase.
There's a maximum of 8 hours per month, unless agreed differently.

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.