Installation Service

MageBridge Installation Service

MageBridge deals with many different things, so the setup can be complicated at times. It might be that you end up cheaper, simply by hiring us.

Installing MageBridge within Joomla and Magento is a lengthy job and it requires a solid understanding of both architectures. A normal developer might easily take 2-3 hours to complete this job. Sometimes it is just worth the money to hire the experts for this, who can do this job in perhaps 25% of the time you would spend. This makes the MageBridge Installation Service very cost-effective.

MageBridge service
Price 95
Requirements Active MageBridge Support Subscription
Joomla already installed and configured
Magento already installed and configured
List of domains to be used
Brief explanation of how the setup is going to be
Full access to Joomla Administrator (Super User)
Full access to Magento Admin Panel
FTP access
SSH access (optional)
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What is included

  • Installation of MageBridge in Joomla
  • Installation of MageBridge in Magento
  • Configuration of Joomla settings
  • Configuration of Magento settings
  • Configuration of MageBridge API in both Joomla as Magento
  • Optimized htaccess-file for Joomla and Magento
  • System check

What is not included

  • A MageBridge Support Subscription which needs to be purchase separately
  • Customization and/or webdesign in Joomla
  • Customization and/or webdesign in Magento


With the installation service we hope to help you save time. Our experts are familiar with the workings of MageBridge and also have solid knowledge of hosting environments. None the less, there are problems that can occur during the installation of MageBridge, which can not be solved by Yireo:

  • Bugs in software (PHP, Apache, Joomla!, Magento)
  • Problems with file permissions (if tools like SuPHP or mod_ruid are not in use)
  • Apache mod_rewrite not installed / Joomla! SEF not functioning correctly

When such problems arise we will report you this problem, but such an issue will need to be resolved by yourself. If you can provide us SSH access with root privileges, we can see if we can optimize your environment as part of the MageBridge installation. Be aware that there might be additional charges involved here. We will notify you if this will be the case.

What our customers say

I can only recommend the MageBridge Installation Service. The Yireo people just know exactly what they do. My site was up and running smoothly on time. Great communication and after sales support.

Kerstin Muggeridge