Site Moving Service

MageBridge Site Moving Service

Moving a MageBridge site from one place to another, might be complicated. If you are only doing this once or twice, it might be cheaper to let us do it.

When moving your MageBridge/Joomla!/Magento site from one location to another, there are various things that need to be modified - not only for Magento and Joomla! to still work, but also for MageBridge to point to the right Magento instance.

MageBridge service
Price 180
Requirements Full access to the Magento Admin Panel
Full access to the Joomla! Admin Panel
Database details (host, database, username, password)
SSH details (required)
Disk quota that allow for enough space
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About moving

When a site goes live, it might be needed to move a site:

  • Domainname is modified
  • Files are moved from one folder to another folder
  • Files are moved from one webserver to another webserver
This MageBridge Moving Service makes sure that the site is moved quickly and without problems. This makes sure that downtime is minimal. Please note that this service does not include a Magento upgrade and assumes that all hosting requirements of Joomla!, Magento and MageBridge are met on both sides.

boxWhat does this service include

When a Magento / Joomla! combination is moved from one location to another, various settings need to be modified. Below you will find a list of things that will be included in this service:

  • Backup of files + database to be moved (source)
  • Copying of files + database to new location
  • Backup of files + database of original destination
  • Magento app/etc/local.xml modifications
  • Joomla! configuration.php modifications
  • Magento URLs set in the System Configuration
  • MageBridge configuration
Visit the Magento Wiki for more information on moving Magento sites, while our own Moving a MageBridge site guide also gives details on modifying MageBridge.

About the requirements

sshNote that FTP-access is not sufficient in this service-scope. SSH offers more advanced control over files and folders, and therefor required for this moving service to be effective. This also assumes that the SSH command-line offers basic tools like a MySQL client (whereis mysql) and archiving tools (whereis tar).

chartNote on the disk quota: Some hosting environments enforce disk quota on the UNIX users used by the webserver. This means that adding more files than the quota allows, is resulting in an error. With the MageBridge Moving Service, we assume that either all disk quota are lifted, or that the disk quota is large enough to transfer files and unpack archives when needed. Having a free space of at least 4Gb is commonly needed.


When moving a site from one location to another, we assume that both locations (but especially the destination) is working properly. But if the destination fails because of hosting requirements, the move can not be succesful. For instance, if the destination misses PDO MySQL, then Magento will not run and the migration will fail. Another example would be that an old Magento 1.3 version is moved to a new PHP 5.3 environment, which will not work. This moving service does not include checks on the hosting environment, nor hosting modifications. If you want us to make sure everything runs as it should, additional costs may be involved.