Server Optimization

MageBridge Server Optimization

With a VPS or dedicated server, you have all the resources for good performance, but you still need to customize that power.

Having a dedicated server does not mean your website is fast immediately. Dedicated servers require tuning: Otherwise, resources like RAM and CPU just sit there without being used. With our MageBridge VPS Quick Optimization service we can quickly do this for you, so your VPS is actually worth the investment.

MageBridge service
Price 100
Requirements A dedicated VPS with 1024Mb - 4096Mb RAM
SSH-access to root-account
Login to Joomla! Administrator
Login to Magento Administrator
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boxWhat we do

We will modify the server configuration on various levels, and tune settings depending on the amount of memory available:

  • MySQL server tuning
  • PHP settings
  • Installation of PHP accelerator (Zend Optimizer+, APC)
  • Configuration of faster backend as Magento caching frontend (Redis)
  • Modification of /etc/hosts
  • Rundown through Joomla! site
  • Rundown through Magento site
This service is offered for VPS-systems and dedicated servers.


We have frequently encountered environments where previously MageBridge (so the application time of Joomla! plus Magento API) was around 1.4 - 1.8 seconds. After optimization, the load time went under 600 milliseconds. This depends ofcourse on various settings, but a faster MageBridge shop is definitely possible.


Note that - after our tuning - the site might be fast for various months. However, when the traffic increases or the weight of the site is changed, it might be that the server and site need to be tuned differently. Also, for heavy sites, Apache and MySQL require more detailed tuning which is not covered by this Quick Optimization. Also note that the more memory is available, the better the tuning can be. VPS servers with 2Gb or more RAM are common when dealing with MageBridge.

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