Magento Assessment

How do you know if someone is the right person for the right job? We can help you ask the right questions to get true insight into someones skillset.

Choosing the right people

There is a huge shortage of Magento developers. Correction, good Magento developers. Not every Magento developer is alike. On top of this, the hourly rates vary enormously. And the level of quality does not always correlate to this hourly rate: The market of Magento developers is full with shy honest coders, but also cowboys.
Choosing the right people is key for running a successful project, or for adding new personnel to your development team. By letting us assess new developers, you get to know more details on the knowledge level of the interviewee.

How we assess new developers

A proper assessment starts with a simple conversation through skype or phone, or face-to-face. This will be a friendly conversation, making sure to have a comfortable setting. Next, through specific questions the level of expertise is estimated.

Procedure of assessment

We don't have a fixed assessment flow for this with pre-determined questions. Instead, the questions simply reflect our take on the Magento stack and the interviewee is able to respond to this freely.

us to the interviewee, after which we check upon the result.

Sample questions

  • Did you work with Laravel and Symfony (or other PHP frameworks) before?
  • Have you played with KnockoutJS before, and do you like it?
  • Do you agree with Magento choosing XML for a lot of configuration stuff?
  • Which design patterns do you favor most in Magento 2?

Code review

Optionally, if the interviewee has code available for reading, this code could be reviewed. Or, if needed, a practical exercise could be given by

Want to get started?

For whom is this service

  • Development agencies looking for new hires
  • Technical merchant who hire third party developers