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Magento Consultancy

Magento can be overwhelming at times: We can help you with the tough parts - code reviews, brainstorm sessions, second opinions.

Thinking along to allow for best practice

When dealing with Magento 2 development, it might be hard to modify things in the right way at first. There are best practices - for instance, interceptors being preferred over observers - but as Magento itself is progressing, there might be confusion over what kind of technology to apply where. Having a Magento guru available to brainstorm with, might save time and money.

A few examples of what we can do

Example: EAV attributes or Extension Attributes?

Magento 2 offers a complex mechanism to add Extension Attributes through a XML definition, that creates an API interface. However, at what point would you use Extension Attributes and at what point would EAV attributes be preferred instead? Thanks to our solid advice on the Magento 2 architecture, you can make the right decisions.


Example: Knockout modifications

The Magento 2 frontend makes use of KnockoutJS to create UiComponent behaviour, that is used in the checkout to create a highly extensible system. Extensible, yes, but also very complex. It is hard to modify the checkout in a clean way. If you need a second opinion on code you have created, we are here to help you out.


Example: How to go forth with PWA?

Magento is slowly shifting towards PWA technology, with Magento PWA Studio being a clear sign of this - embracing React and Redux as tools to replace the current frontend. But does this mean you should move to PWA now as well? There's not only technical aspects to consider, but you also want to make sure the business survives this move.

What we can do for you

  • Consultancy
  • Code reviews
  • Second opinions

How we can do it

  • Via email and Slack
  • Via on-site meetings
  • Via Zoom or Google Hangout

Let's work together to solve your itch

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