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Magento Performance

A Magento site needs to perform well to make money. Unfortunately, the performance out-of-the-box is cumbersome and it takes expertise to tune things to the max. We can help out.

Speed up your Magento 2 shops

Magento 2 frontend performance sucks when you don't do anything about it. Average tutorials will then tell you to enable the Magento cache, tune the MySQL query cache and then cross your fingers. However, performance requires much more than this. We can help you with modifications that actually work.

We will not tell you to enable the cache

You are an expert too

We trust that you - as an agency, a freelancer or a technical merchant - already have expertise with building a shop in Magento. However, building shops is sometimes different from maximizing speed on the frontend. We will not tell you the most obvious parts that can already be read in thousands of blogs online. We can be the independent performance expert, so that you can focus on running projects.

Burning down misconceptions

There are some wide-spread misconceptions on how to improve performance. For instance, enabling the Flat Catalog is deprecated since Magento 2.3.3. JavaScript bundling should definitely not be enabled from within the Magento Store Configuration. And you should always be able to enable Full Page Caching. We burn down the wrong advises and help you gain actual performance.

What we can do for you

Implementing WebP

We can help you implement our free Yireo WebP2 module, that is able to replace JPG and PNG images with WebP images for browsers that support it. In short, serve smaller images. Besides the extension, we can also help implement WebP as background images, JavaScript effects and other parts where the standard extension is unable to offer a standard solution.

Skinning it down

One of the ways to gain additional performance is to lower the number of Magento modules in your instance. This is done by removing the relevant composer packages, while making sure that your Magento dependencies are not breaking. Some other modules can be removed in a less ideal way by simply disabling them. We can modify your composer setup to gain best performance.

Backend tuning

There are dozens of settings within PHP, Redis, Nginx/Apache and MySQL that can be tuned in such a way that it aids performance. In the past, we have tuned 100s of servers and frequently gained tremendous results. We are happy to help, including Varnish implementation and ElasticSearch tuning. Please note that root access is required for this kind of tuning.

JavaScript bundling

JavaScript bundling in Magento 2 is problemetic with tools like Baler and r.js popping up to help. But still much manual labor is involved. We are happy to jump and configure JavaScript bundling in such a way that it actually helps. And to top it off, we are happy to share our procedures and findings with you and your team.

What we can do for you

  • Consultancy
  • Code reviews
  • Second opinions

How we can do it

  • Via email and Slack
  • Via on-site meetings
  • Via Zoom or Google Hangout

Let's work together to solve your itch

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We are a proud member of ExtDN

ExtDN forms a network of Magento extension developers, that strive for a better extension quality - both on a technical level and from an end-users point of view. With industry leaders like Fooman and aHeadworks, ExtDN lifts up the Magento extension space to a new level. And Yireo is proud to be part of this.

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