Database Repair

Magento Database Repair

Magento upgrades might cause the Magento DB to get partially corrupted. Make sure your DB is healthy at all times!

When upgrading Magento, numerous SQL-upgrade-scripts are run that upgrade the Magento database to new schemas. Unfortunately, sometimes this fails, leaving you with a corrupt database which could cause severe problems in time. We recommend every Magento site-owner to check upon their Magento database-integrity periodically. And we can help!

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Note that this service does not guarantee solving your problems. If you have a specific issue with your Magento database, than it might possibly be that your Magento database needs to be repaired. It is a step that any Magento professional will advice you to take, before diving deeper into problems.

However, instead of hiring a developer for hours to complete this step, we have automated a few of the required steps, and therefore are able to offer you this service for a fairly low price. Once we start repairing your database, the service can't be refunded. If there are no inconsistencies to fix in your database, you can not reclaim the time we have invested in your issue.

Common problems

When database-corruption occurs, the most common issue is that InnoDB keys don't match up anymore. This is logged in the Magento exception-log with messages like Integrity constraint violation and Duplicate Key errors. Other common issues are the lack of certain database-table indices, which effect the performance of your site.

Magento Database Repair Tool

For repairing your database, we use the free Magento Database Repair Tool (available on the Magento site). This tool takes the structure of a fresh Magento database - referred to as source database - and matches its structure against the structure of your own database - referred to as target database. Because we have setup source databases in advance, using our service saves you the time of setting up the source-database yourself.

Shop offline

During the database repair, your site will be taken offline. As soon as the Magento Database Repair Tool is finished (which may take between 2 minutes and 2 hours), the site will be brought back online. To give you an indication of the downtime, we will always first take a copy of your database and test the repair locally.

Location of repair

We need access to your database to complete this service. The normal procedure is to create a second empty database on your own server, to which we will upload the Magento source-database. The repair-tool is then run on your server. If your server lacks certain resources, we can also copy your target-database to our own servers and perform the upgrade there.

Beyond repair

Sometimes a Magento database is simply beyond repair. For instance, if Duplicate Key errors are actually caused by primary keys that were broken at some point, some records are no longer valid in respect to the primary key. The only way to recover from this, is by removing the primary key and adding it - it will leave your relational database with completely unrelated data and therefore gives far more disaster than the corrupt database itself. In these cases, our Magento Database Repair Tool is used for the analysis of this bad news, but it does not give you a working situation. After such an analysis is made, our general recommendation is to use a data migration tool like Cart2Cart to migrate from one Magento instance to another.

What our customers say

The database was fixed professionally. This really is an excellent service!

Simon Riddell - Angling Active

Perfect - this service was exactly that what I was looking for. For some time I was unable to reindex certain Magento parts. Now everything runs smoothly again. Quick delivery and detailed feedback. Worth the investment.

Wilfred Meijers -

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