Performance Tuning

Magento Performance Tuning

Magento brings you income, but requires technical expertise to tune. Hire the experts to make your Magento fly

In addition to our MPI scan, our Magento specialists can implement the recommendations for you. We can tune your Magento site; we can tweak your Linux server; we can optimize your PHP-environment; we can tune your MySQL-database; and much more

Magento service
Price 100 per hour

Magento code inspection

When Magento is slow, it might also be specific code segments causing the problems: Some customizations might need additional caching, queries could be optimized, loops need to be closed, etcetera. With close code inspection (using profilers and tools like New Relic and Zend Server Z-Ray) these kinds of issues can be solved. Our developers offer you expert code analysis as a service.

Image Optimization

When optimizing images (PNGs, JPEGs, GIFs), one of the best tools available is - but this online service flattens your directory-structure, making it hard to optimize large amounts of images. Our own Yireo Image Optimization API works in exactly the same way as kraken or the outdated SmushIt (using tools like pngcrush and OptiPng), but without the limitations of those services. Usage of our API is restricted for custom scans only.

VPS templating

We can help hosting providers to setup a reusable VPS image for Magento: This template will be equipped with optimization tools to run Magento as fast as possible, with Magento pre-installed or installed on-the-fly. Redis, memcached, MySQL settings, PHP accelerators - they will all be shipped by default when you are rolling out new customer servers. For packaging, tools like TurnKey and Vagrant can be used.

MySQL tuning

If we determine that the database is a bottleneck, we can help you tune MySQL. For this, root-access to the server using SSH is required. We will run down the current performance using various shell scripts and tune the MysQL configuration accordingly. If you need to setup a MySQL dedicated server, implement MySQL clustering (with master/slave replication), we can definitely help as well.

Nginx / FastCGI

The Nginx webserver outruns Apache on memory usage, and is definitely recommended for busy Magento applications. We can implement Nginx as webserver for you, plus configure FastCGI or PHP-FPM to make sure Magento runs optimal.

Magento full page caching

If you need help with configuring full page cache (FPC) extensions for Magento, like Lesti::FPC and Zoom FPC, we can definitely assist. Usually this boilds down to helping out with configuring Magento for hole punching, focussing on specific configurations like layered navigation and search result pages.

Reverse proxying with Varnish or Nginx

Instead of serving all requests directly from your main webserver, you can also place a second server between the Magento webserver and your customers, so that requests can be cached and sent back to your customers lightning fast. This requires proper tuning of either Varnish or Nginx - including hole punching in the resulting full page cache, as well as proper handling of cookies.

PHP accelerators

PHP-execution can be optimized by using a PHP accelerator like Zend OPC or APC. The Magento application is speeded up by this, regardless of the state of the Magento Compiler. We can help you determine which PHP-accelerator is the best, and install it on your hosting environment.

Redis or memcached implementation

Redis support has been added to the Magento core since version 1.8, allowing you to move the Magento cache to the fast Redis database - improving the speed of your shop drastically. Redis requires configuration in both Magento as on your Linux hosting environment. Alternatively memcached can be applied. We can help you implement everything safely and without disruption.

Stress testing

Tuning your site and server is one thing. Knowing how things will perform under different loads is a different thing. Often Magento shops are tuned for performance, based upon a scenario of regular traffic. But when a newsletter is sent out, traffic might increase the server load dramatically. And you don't want this to cause downtime of your site. We can perform benchmarks on your site and server (using common tools like Siege and httperf) to see how your site behaves under various stress-levels.

We even throw in a nice graph showing you how the stress test caused slower page loads:

yireo stress test

Monitoring tools

Optimization is done at a specific time, but your environment is changing by the minute. To determine visitor-peaks, the weight of running cronjobs or knowing which optimization is best over a longer period, monitoring tools are vital. We can help you installing NewRelic as well as other monitoring tools like Nagios. An option is also to setup remote syslogging (so that UNIX logs are duplicated to a remote Linux server as well) - this can even be done for Magento logs.

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.

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