Performance Insights

Performance Insights

Analyse Magento internally first
Increase speed correctly

Every Magento store needs to be fast: You don't want to lose your clients! When increasing Magento performance, you need to know exactly which tools give the best result. Our Performance Insight report gives you that knowledge. Reliable and clear.

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Service version Magento Performance Insights - Beta 1
Extension version Yireo_Mpi version 0.2.7
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Yireo has dealt already with 100s of setups for Magento, and over the years we have gained huge knowledge of how to optimize Magento for performance. Running a fast Magento site is not only related to the site itself, but also to the underlying hosting environment. Yireo gives you insight on how to improve your site performance.

Get insight into your Magento performance

There are hundreds of ways to optimize your Magento environment. But not all optimizations lead to optimal results. It is best to analyze your Magento environment first. This is what our Performance Insights do: They give you the full picture, so you will know exactly what to do for maximum results.


  • Inspection of Magento configuration
  • Inspection of Magento theme
  • Integrated with Google PageSpeed API
  • PHP runtime inspection
  • PHP variable calculations, specific for your server
  • MySQL runtime inspection
  • MySQL variable calculations, specific for your server
  • OS level inspection (Linux, BSD)
  • Full report with advices, warnings and recommendations
  • Custom personal advice from Yireo experts

Application speed vs browser speed

Online speed tests allow you to measure the performance of your site by running a remote scan. You can even install tools in your own browser (e.g. YSlow, PageSpeed). However, this gives you only half the picture: It only measures performance of the Magento site from within the browser. It doesn't tell you anything about the performance of your Magento application itself.

To get a complete picture, you will also need to measure the Magento application speed. And to do this thoroughly, it has to be measured from within the Magento application itself, not from the outside. This is what our scan does: It offers you an inside look and an outside look. Even better: It combines the results of both and gives you a bundled advice.

What our customers say

Our site was taking to long to load, we did a few tweaks suggested by Google webmaster Tools and other speed testing websites but it was the Yireo Speed up service that really made a difference. Speeding up the website had an instant effect on sales.

Kerstin Muggeridge

These guys are Magento rockstars (or gurus if you prefer). We are very pleased with the great and amazing level of support these guys provided, despite the time difference with us!

Pascal Tessier

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.

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