Performance Insights

Performance Insights

  • Analyse Magento internally first
  • Increase speed correctly

Benefit from a Performance Insight

In the past, we wanted to have a way to check upon numerous performance settings quickly, so that we would not waste time with anything that could be automated. This has resulted in a bunch of tools (both integrated into our Magento extension and on our Yireo servers) that allows us to analyse Magento sites quickly and predict which Magento tuning pays off best.

How you benefit from a Performance Insight

Our Magento expertise

We have over 10 years experience with PHP hosting. Since 2008 (after the first release of Magento) our focus has been on Magento. We have optimized literally 1000s of shops, using our technical expertise of both hosting and site development.

Focus on your shop

You want a fast Magento shop and there are numerous tools to help you with this. Wouldn't it be useful to have one single overview of all tips & tricks? Wouldn't it be even better if it is tailored towards your shop? Generic advice is nice, but you still need to figure out which advice applies to your situation. This might take hours if not days. Our performance scan helps you to find the bottlenecks easily.

Technical knowhow

Tuning Magento should be done with care. For instance, MySQL settings like query_cache or innodb_buffer_pool_size are powerful but can easily cause memory shortages. Likewise, enabling the Flat Catalog for Products does not make sense in some situations. With our expertise you'll know for sure that the tuning has the effect you aim for. We understand your Magento shop.