Performance Insights

Performance Insights

  • Analyse Magento internally first
  • Increase speed correctly

Magento Performance Insights FAQ

Are the scan results really accurate?

During the scan, we collect data from your Magento environment. With these data we can provide clues on how your Magento speed can be increased. These clues include easy-to-implement tricks, as well as calculations (for instance, MySQL parameters that depend on the number of product-attributes, versus the number of products, versus the Magento configuration you're using).

With our scan, you can definitely improve performance. Even if general performance tuning is already done, our scan still includes tweaks that will fine-tune performance even more to get your site up to speed.

Isn't your scan equal to Google PageSpeed?

No, our scan offers much more than what a remote scan like PageSpeed can offer. For our scans, we make use of the Google PageSpeed API, which is freely available to anyone wanting to use it. We take the results from this remote scan and combine it with our own custom scanning scripts for Magento-specific settings, plus additional checks for PHP and MySQL.

While Google PageSpeed only allows you to get an external scan of your site-performance, our scan gives you the additional benefit of an internal scan. Not only that, we combine all those details, to give you a tuned overview on your specific environment.

Combined with Magento-optimized advise, you will get a full overview of all internal and external factors influencing your performance. In some cases the external factors influence the internal factors in a specific way. With our scan you will know exactly how this works for your specific site.

My server is swapping all the time. Can you help?

Yes, we can definitely help. However, note that our Magento Performance Insight scans will only point out the problem area and will not do the actual fixing. When a webserver is swapping, most likely some tuning has already been done before, which has gone bad. What is causing the swapping problem on your site can only be determined through manual inspection and profiling. Just contact us to explain your problem and we'll dive into it and fix it for you.

Is your scan safe?

When you choose to get your Magento store scanned, various details will fall into our hands: Login-details to your environment, as well as statistics of your shop. All data is treated as confidential. We will not hand these data to any other party. We will remove all data from our servers, as soon as the service has been completed.

All your data is contained in a secure environment: Outside access is not allowed, effectively blocking unauthorized access.

My catalog dicounts disappear. Does your scan provide a solution?

When your catalog discounts disappear, most likely this is because you're not running a cronjob. Our scan will not be able to fix this. Our custom support will. Contact us for details.

Can you guarantee optimal performance?

The question is where does it end? If you have unlimited budget, we could spend 24/7 on optimization and still continue. What we guarantee is that your performance needs are handled by us with care and professionalism, and you will definitely see an increase in performance. The tips you will get from our reports are to the point and use the latest technology. When you hire us for custom optimization, your site will definitely be boosted, taking into consideration your budget and technological possibilities.

Can I use the scan to hire somebody else?

Yes, you can. The performance-report we give you, can be used at your will: You can hire us to fix performance-issues, but you can also hire other Magento experts. Some performance can be gained by tuning the Magento theme - for which you would need a Magento webdesigner or frontend-developer. Other tuning has to be done on the MySQL configuration or OS-level: For this, a Linux specialist or database-engineer is needed.

Are there any extra charges involved?

No. You will be charged for the Magento Performance Scan for a fixed price per scan. Additional fees are only involved if you hire us for custom work, but this is optional. With our scan, you can optimize things yourself (if you have the technical knowledge) or hire a third party.

How hard is it to optimize Magento performance myself?

As the scan is tailored towards your Magento site specifically, it is impossible to know beforehand which knowledge is required to increase the speed. That's why we run a scan first. With this scan, we give you the freedom to determine how to spend your money wisely.

If you want to do things yourself, there are certainly various settings you can tune yourself: Settings in the Magento configuration are easily configured, and some rules can perhaps be added to your Apache .htaccess file. However, if things get more complicated, like tuning MySQL parameters, you definitely need to have technical knowledge.

Can I get a refund for the performance scan?

Refunds are applicable when we are not able to deliver you the Magento Performance Insight report or when we both determine (before doing the scan) that the scan should not be executed at all. Once the scan has run and the report has been generated, there is no option for a refund anymore.

Is my site touched at all?

When scanning your Magento store, we will upload a customized PHP-script that will gather data from various parts of your environment, which will then be sent back to us in a JSON-feed. This script is the only thing we will modify with a regular scan. It will only increase your system-load slightly and for no more than 15 minutes.

After this, we will scan your Magento shop remotely. This will lay no extra burden on your site. We will only gather data with it. There will be stress-testing by putting your site under heavy load. There will be no downtime of your shop.

How does your scan compare to Shoppimon?

It does not. The Shoppimon service is designed to remotely scan your site and report it to you when there are changes in the frontend. Our scan is run based on scripts placed within your Magento application. Therefore we can give you an overview of the performance from the inside out. With Shoppimon, it is detected that the product page might be slow for instance. With our insight, we can tell you the reason why.

Why is this still in beta?

We have worked on the Magento Performance Insights service since 2011. From 2011 to 2014, the scan was only offered as an offline service, with which we delivered a PDF report and a custom advice. In 2014, we have decided to reshape this and branded the version we had at that point in time as alpha. Early 2015, the first beta version saw the light: The collection scripts were bundled into a single script, the PDF report was converted to become a webbased service. The current beta version also offers a Magento extension to allow easy installation of all collection tools.

We consider the service complete, once the scan will also continuously monitor your site, to gather the behaviour of certain key statistics over time - MySQL query time, PHP accelerator load, indices, etcetera. Currently, we are already experimenting with this, and we hope to complete this work towards the end of 2015.

Will this service also support Magento 2?

Yes, definitely. As of yet, we are working on a new Magento 2 extension. Most parts of the scan are more or less generic (PHP level, MySQL level), some of other parts will need to be custom written for Magento 2. Once Magento 2 Stable comes out, we aim to support Magento 2 with this service quickly as well.

Is there an overhead on my website?

Yes, but only slightly and only when you choose to. The scan is first of all only run at a time that is convenient for you. You can push the button for this. Optionally there is some beta monitoring of key values like the MySQL query cache, which requires our script to be run periodically on your server. This causes a slight overhead, but actually this overhead is not much more than a normal visitor would take.