Performance Insights

Performance Insights

  • Analyse Magento internally first
  • Increase speed correctly

How does it work?

Getting started with a Performance Insights scan is easy. You simply get the Magento extension installed, configure an API key and you're done. Below is an outline of all the steps.

Step 1 - Purchase a subscription

The first step is to purchase one of the packages we offer. During the purchase, you will be asked for your personal details, and you will be asked to pay the package fee. Once the purchase is made, you will get a subscription for a specific period. During this period, you have access to our scanning tools and you can run the scan as often as you want. The domain names can also be changed, but only following a fair use policy.

Step 2 - Installing the Magento extension

Next, the Magento extension will need to be installed (see Installation and see also System Requirements). This Magento extension allows Yireo to gather all relevant data from your site. Your subscription will have a security key (API Key) attached to it, which can be found under Step 3. Access to the Magento extension is controlled using this key, so this installation step also involves configuring this key within the Magento extension.

Step 3 - Configuring your Yireo Account

The next step is to login into your Yireo Account. Under the Performance Insights tab on the left, you will see your new insight waiting for you. Click on it to follow the instructions: You will need to enter the base URL of your Magento site, plus a friendly label for your own usage. Also take note of the API Key mentioned here - it is needed under Step 2.

Step 4 - Collecting data from your Magento shop

Next the online Performance Insights tools will actually be used to collect data from your store. This will not cause any interruption on your site. All data will be stored on a secure location within our servers. In your Yireo Account, you will have the ability to push the button to fetch all data from Magento - this usually takes between 10 and 60 seconds. Once this step is complete, all data is collected to generate the full report.

Step 5 - Report and personal advice

The last step in the process is that we take up all the gathered data, interpret the results and combine all knowledge into a customized report. This report will be made available to you online via your Yireo Account under Performance Insights. If you have any questions, we are of course happy to answer them.

What to do with the report next, is totally up to you. You can fix some of the issues yourself, saving you money. You can also hire a third party contractor to fix the more complex issues. That third party contractor can be us, if you want.

Full customized report

Every Performance Insight scan comes with a full customized online report, equaling 30+ pages. All text is in English. You will have all results bundled in one document. It gives you a comprehensive overview of all the parts that are slowing your site down and of the tools you can use to boost performance.

Some notes on architecture

The Magento extension is made available as open source - its purpose is mainly to gather information from your Magento site via JSON calls. Either, our Yireo servers contacts your Magento site and pulls data from it. Or your Magento site runs a script to push data towards the Yireo REST API.

Next, all information is stored into our middleware application, based on a bunch of open source tools (Slim Framework, Laravel, Redis and ElasticSearch). This middleware layer only allows access (JSON, REST) via secret tokens - you will get one, when you subscribe to the service. This means that only you and our own services gain access to the your Magento shop data. We don't share this with others.

This middleware layer will be accessed from a REST client on our Yireo site to generate a performance report. This is where the magic really happens: Numerous variables are combined, analysed and interpreted, so that advices are actually made on real-life data instead of just best practices.