Extension Installation

Yireo Extension Installation

Installing a Magento extension is easy for the experts, however it can be difficult for newbies. You save time by hiring the experts for a quick install.

When you install one of our Magento extensions, you need to make sure to follow the right steps. But when things do not work out, it might give a lot of frustration when the extension does not appear in the Admin-menus - even while it seems you have followed all steps correctly. Hiring us for this job might save you time, which you could spend on other important jobs.

Magento service
Price 35
Requirements Full access to the Magento Admin Panel
SSH access (preferred) or FTP/FTPS access
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How to install a Magento extension

When you install an extension yourself in Magento, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Download package to local computer
  • Extract package
  • Upload all package-files to Magento root
  • Disable the Magento Compiler
  • Flush the Magento cache
  • Logout from the Magento Admin Panel
  • Login to the Magento Admin Panel
  • Check if extension was installed correctly
  • Check backend-roles for permissions
  • Re-enable caching and/or the Magento Compiler if needed

Why would you need the help of Yireo?

Looking at the procedure above, you might wonder why you would even consider hiring us for the job. Our added value does not lie with the standard procedure. Our added value comes in when things do not work as expected.

For instance, if hosting permissions are off and prevent you from uploading the right files. Or when the Magento cache gets stuck. Or when having cookie-issues. In short: When the installation is not straight-forward, you probably want a Magento expert to jump in and help you. We are that expert.

Also, if you're not familiar with the procedure, it might take you time to get an extension installed. Calculate the cost of an extension depending on the time you need to gain the knowledge of installing an extension in Magento, against the hour-rate you consider yourself worth - it might be cheaper to hire us.

Testing & production

We always recommend you to make changes on a testing site first. This way, you will not loose money because your production shop is not working, when things go wrong. The testing site should be a  copy of your production site, with only few differences. When you want us to install the extension in your testing site first and if this goes well, install the same extension in your production site, you can simply purchase this installation service multiple times.

If you need help with setting up a testing environment, just drop us a mail and we give you a custom quote. Also, we recommend you have a procedure of creating a backup of your production site, so that you can always roll back to a previous version. Again, if you need assistence here, just let us know.

Which extensions?

We help you install all our Magento extensions. Note that more complex extensions like MageBridge and Vm2Mage, or Joomla! extensions are not included.

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