Custom Development

Custom MageBridge Development

Building a site using MageBridge involves many expertises. If you lack advanced PHP-knowledge, we can pick up on the difficult parts for you.

MageBridge offers a lot of backend-tools to build your site: Modules, Menu-Items, plugins and the MageBridge component. But in some cases, extra skills are needed to add extra PHP-logic to your, or develop extra extensions. The Yireo Team is available for extra MageBridge assignments.

MageBridge service
Price 100 per hour
Requirements MageBridge site up & running
Simple assignments
No project-management

Example 1: Language configuration

When setting up MageBridge within a multilingual environment, there are numerous tasks to be done: Language packs need to be installed in both Joomla! as Magento; Store Views and locales need to be configured in Magento; MageBridge Store Connectors need to be tuned so that all languages are cross-compatible. If you need this to be done quickly, our assistence might be of value.

Example 2: Extra PHP logic in templates

When customizing Joomla! templates, Joomla! is already flexible when it comes to hiding columns based on Menu-Items. However, sometimes Menu-Item assignment is just not good enough: You might want to implement a way that columns are hidden based on the fact that the current page is a product-page. This needs to be done with extra PHP-code in your template, or by using alternative module-manager extensions. If you choose the first option, we can help you implement the right PHP-code in your own Joomla! template. Other PHP-tasks can also be picked up on.

Example 3: Magento override-conflicts

The MageBridge extension within Magento is based on clean observer-events and its own API, but it also requires some overrides of core-classes. Unfortunately, the Magento framework is less flexible when it comes to class-overrides, because when another Magento extension has already placed an override, MageBridge will be unable to add its own functionality (or vice versa). When cases like this happen, it might be needed to add-in custom PHP-programming to make sure both class-overrides are actually working. Yireo can make this happen.

Example 4: Custom MageBridge connectors

MageBridge uses its own type of extension - a connector - to do specific tasks. For instance, when determining which Magento store should be loaded, the MageBridge Store Connector logic is loaded. Or after a product has been sold to a customer, a Product Connector is called. Yireo can be hired to develop extra custom MageBridge connectors for various tasks.

Example ... you decide it

If you have custom work to be done, just send us an email ( and we can let you know if this is something we can help you with.


When developing PHP source-code for Joomla! or Magento, it is important to note that the custom-built source-code always needs to fall under the appropriate license: Either GNU/General Public License (for Joomla!) or Open Source License (for Magento) - in other words, it has to become open source.

A small note on our focus

Yireo focuses primarily on building extensions, and not on custom work. We are happy to help you out where we can though. Because of our focus on extensions, the custom work we usually pick up are small short-term projects only - assignments that require an expert vision and guru knowledge.

More solid services

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