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Vue Storefront Consultancy

What needs to change in your workflow to facilitate Vue Storefront? As an independent Vue Storefront partner, we are happy to share our insights.

Get your plans straight for headless awesomeness

Moving from a monolithic e-commerce development into a headless mindset, like with Vue Storefront, requires solid planning and a lot of decision making. Your development team might need to be split up in different pieces, your planning flow needs new optimization and skills might need improvement as well. We are there for you every step along the way, as a Vue Storefront knowledge expert and an eager fan of headless development.

A few examples of what we can do

Example: Migration to Vue Storefront

Are you moving from Magento 1 or 2 to Vue Storefront (with Magento), then we can help with the planning phase, setting up a migration plan and making the global decisions that need to be made before doing anything.

Example: Technical training and consultancy

We can train your development team to get started with VueJS, Vue Storefront and the corresponding stack. On top of this, we are happy to guide you into the advanced scenarios as well, like performance optimization, GraphQL kungfu and SSR tuning.

Example: Independent consultancy

We are not picking up custom projects ourselves, which makes us independent and excellent partners for unbiased views, second opinions and honest feedback. We are in it for the technology, not the glamour.

What we can do for you

  • Consultancy
  • Code reviews
  • Second opinions

How we can do it

  • Via email and Slack
  • Via on-site meetings
  • Via Zoom or Google Hangout

Let's work together to solve your itch

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