Your IP does not match the country you have entered

You are seeing this page, because we are unable to match your IP address with the country you have entered. As Yireo is operating within the boundaries of the European Union, we are obliged to make sure that the tax (VAT) that you are paying is correctly linked to the country you are originating from. Because of this, we require that your IP address resolves to the country you have entered during the checkout and/or in your account details.

Your solution

To allow you to check out anyway, use one of the following options:

Option 1: Business transactions are free from VAT

If you are European business, simply create an account if you haven't already and add your VAT number there. Once entered, your VAT number will be validated and if validated correctly, your account will be excempted from tax: If you are a validated EU business, you do not need to pay any tax, when purchasing from Yireo.

Option 2: Make sure your IP and country match

If you are trying to purchase from another location than your home address - for instance, because you are on a holiday - it might be that IP and country do not match. If you really want to place an order as an individual while paying EU tax, you can only do so from your home address. As an additional advice, do not work on holidays.

Option 3: Non-EU transactions are free from VAT

If you are not a European business and you are not located in the EU, you can order in our shop without paying any tax by entering your non-European address. For instance, if you are an European individual living in Bhutan, you do not need to pay any tax.

VAT overview

As a European business, Yireo deals with 4 different tax rules. To give you a better understanding of all these tax rules, here is an overview:

Non-EU All countries except EU 0% Customers from non EU countries do not need to pay any tax
EU B2B EU countries 0% EU businesses do not need to pay any tax, if Yireo is able to validate their VAT ID
EU B2C EU countries 0% - 30% EU individuals need to pay their own local tax to Yireo. The tax rate is flexible.
Local Netherlands 6% or 21% Dutch customers pay Dutch tax to Yireo.


Please note that we consider this EU regulation lame and silly. Unfortunately, we need to follow these rules anyway.