Magento Autoforms

Magento Autoforms

Autocomplete your Magento forms easily

The Google Chrome browser offers form-autocompletion, but it is not optimized for Magento forms. This extension allows you to autocomplete Magento forms specifically - helping you test things like the Magento checkout quickly (or enhancing your personal shopping experience).

Cost Free
Current version 1.2 (Stable)
Requirements Chrome webbrowser
PHP 5.5.0 or higher (5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1)
Download Download
(No registration required)
Support Support Forum
License GNU/GPL (General Public License)

Steps to get it working

  • Download the ZIP-file and unzip it somewhere in your personal folder
  • Open up your Chrome browser
  • Navigate to your Preferences and then Extensions
  • Make sure Developer Mode is selected
  • Click on Load unpacked extension
  • Select the folder magento-autoform which was contained in the ZIP-file
  • The extension should now be installed
  • Click on Options to configure your Magento values

How it works

This extension loads a specific JavaScript-file when specific Magento URLs are visited. The file checkout-onepage.js will be loaded when an URL ending with /checkout/onepage is visited. The file customer-account-create.js will be loaded when an URL ending with /customer/account/create is visited. The extension is set up to be easily extended with additional fields and additional pages.


  • Support alternative checkout-extensions
  • Auto-select country and state
  • Fallback for country-selection if country not available