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Extension Support Subscriptions

Most of the extensions we develop are accompanied by support subscriptions. All support subscriptions follow the same rules and these rules are explained here below.

All extensions are open source

We do not use any encoding ever. Open source is the reason why we live and code. All our extensions are released under an open source license (for instance, GPL for Joomla, OSL for Magento). Following from this, all code can be modified to your own needs and reused. Re-distributing extensions is only allowed as long as the Yireo copyright stays intact. We do not use license keys to limit extensions, we do not use callbacks to load remote executable code, we don't use dirty hacks to rip you off. It is all open source.

A subscription gives you support and downloads

A support subscription entitles you to access the downloads for that specific extension, plus it gives you support. Hence when the subscription ends, you will no longer receive support and access to the downloads. Updates will no longer be received. There is no requirement to renew your subscription.

Questions and answers

Question: Will anything stop working after the subscription expires?

No. That would be limiting you in the use of the extension and is contradicting the openness of open source. Besides that, if such a mechanism would even exist, our extension would still be open source, so removing that mechanism would be simple. We don't limit you in the usage of the extension.

Question: Can you use our extension on multiple domains?

The extension is open source, and the subscription is all about support and downloads. This is our business model. There is no extra appendix on using software only on specific domains - that would be contradicting the open source principle. The only thing that we might do is limit your support requests for certain domains. All support is simply given on a fair use basis. It seems fair.

Question: Can you help me after a support subscription expires?

Yes, but we will require you to purchase a renewal of your subscription. Alternatively, you can contact us for a quote for a custom project.

Obtaining a subscription key

Once you have purchased for a new extension subscription, the instructions for setting up that extension can be found on the relevant extension page, under Quick Start. There, it is also mentioned that you can use a subscription key to access composer downloads. Normally, that key is already dynamically inserted into the page. However, if that fails, there is another way of getting the same key:

Login to your Yireo Account and then navigate in the menu to My Memberships. For each purchased extension, you'll find a Updated Key that can be used to access composer downloads.