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Extension FAQ

Yireo sells extensions for Magento 2. This FAQ is used to explain some questions you might have regarding the sales of these extensions.

Are your extensions licensed per domain?

We don't use domain-based licensing, so you can use our extensions for as many sites as you like. However, we do recommend that you purchase a license under the name of your client, so that if your client moves elsewhere, a valid license is still in place. Plus, this makes us happy, so we can create more awesome extensions.

Do you charge tax?

Yes, we do charge tax, depending on circumstances. Once you reach our checkout and enter your own address details, our site will calculate which tax is relevant.

  • If you are based outside of the EU, no tax is charged.
  • If you are based within the EU and you are a business with a VAT ID validated within your Yireo account, the 0% rate for B2B transactions is applied.
  • If you are based within the EU and the EU B2B rate does not apply, the Dutch rate of 21% is applied.
  • If you are based in the Netherlands, either as a business or an individual, the Dutch rate of 21% is applied.

Why are you charging in USD, while you're located in Europe?

Yireo is based in The Netherlands. However, some of the extensions that we sell, are also sold on the Magento Marketplace in USD. To be transparent in our pricing, the extensions on our site are listed in USD as well.