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Getting help

On our Yireo site, you can find numerous extensions for Magento, both free as commercial. This general guidance gives you an impression on how to get help for these extensions.

Per extension documentation

We strive for documenting each extension properly. See the specific extension pages for details.

Support for free extensions

All free extensions are hosted on GitHub. On each extension page on the Yireo site, you'll find a link to the GitHub repository. If you have an issue, you can use the GitHub Issues page to open a new issue. When addressing an issue, do make sure to add as many details as you can.

Please note that, if you are mailing us for free extensions, we might bluntly redirect you to the relevant GitHub page. A free extension does not entitle you to free support. The fact that the extension is offered for free is already great value to you. Please be aware that opening up an issue is actually asking us to spend even more voluntary time into the extension. Often we are happy to do so, but do make sure to appreciate this.

Support for commercial extensions

Support via mail is primarily meant for commercial extensions. Our support address is support@yireo.com. If you encounter any issue, feel free to mail us right away. We are eager to fix any issue with our paid extensions as fast as we can, because that's what you pay for.

Business hours

Support is only given as is and there is no warranty for the level of support you get. The Yireo team normally works under business hours in the Western European timezone (UTC-1).