Dynamic404 for Joomla

  • Make your 404 page user friendly
  • Show possible matches
  • Autoredirect to the best match

Dynamic404 FAQ

Isn't Dynamic404 bad for my SEO?

No, it is not. If your site is having any 404-errors, Dynamic404 will only try to optimize those 404-errors to be more useful: Dynamic404 allows you to do two things: Either the default Joomla! 404-page is optimized to show various help-tools to allow the visitor to find the right page (an automatically generated listed of page-suggestions, search-opties, menus for guidance). Or you could redirect the visitor to the best possible match.

In the last case, the 404-error never reaches the visitor, but is transformed automatically in a SEO-correct redirect (HTTP Status 301 for instance). We have found that NOT having Dynamic404 but still having numerous 404-errors on your site, is actually bad for your SEO. 


What about short URLs?

Because Dynamic404 allows for redirections, you can actually do some nice tricks with it: You can create short URLs like TinyURL does.

For instance, the URL www.yireo.com/dynamic404 will automatically redirect to www.yireo.com/software/dynamic404 because first a 404 is thrown, after which Dynamic404 searches for the right Menu-Item alias to redirect to the right page. The same principle applies to article aliases.

Even shorter: yireo.com/d404 works as well. Here we created an extra Apache RewriteRule in our .htaccess file to redirect non-www traffic to www traffic. Also we used Dynamic404 to manually redirect all 404-pages with d404 in the URL.


What about Joomla! 1.6?

Joomla! 1.6 ships with a new core-component called Redirects which will allow you to redirect 404-pages to another existing page. This sounds an awful lot like Dynamic404, except that the dynamic part of Dynamic404 is not replicated in Joomla! 1.6.

Dynamic404 not only allows you to redirect a non-existing page to an existing page, it does so automatically without the need to configure anything. Redirects are done automatically, while you can influence the process by configuring manual redirect-rules.

Dynamic404 is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.6.


Is Dynamic404 compatible with third party SEF?

With Joomla!, you can replace the core SEF functionality using third party SEF solutions like ACE SEF, sh404SEF and Artio JoomSEF. This is fine and does not conflict with Dynamic404: However, most of these extensions also replace the Joomla! core 404-mechanism with their own. This makes these extensions incompatible with Dynamic404.

Sometimes, strange hacks can be made to get things working anyway - but please note, that we can't officially support this: One of our customers however has reported a trick to get things working. By configuring a proper 404 Article within sh404SEF, sh404SEF will use that article for 404-pages. But if you unpublish that article, sh404SEF will itself encounter a 404 which will be directed to Joomla! instead. This again makes Dynamic404 function again.

Dynamic404 works together with RS SEO. Make sure to change the ordering of plugins, so that the RS SEO plugin is loaded first and the Dynamic404 plugin is loaded second.

Dynamic404 works together with MijoSEF. Make sure to change the ordering of plugins, so that the MijoSEF System Plugin is loaded first and the Dynamic404 plugin is loaded second. Also make sure to exclude the Dynamic404 component in the MijoSEF settings.


Do I also get updates?

Once you purchase this extension, you get access to the Downloads-folder for a period of time (normally 12 months). The Downloads-folder will contain both minor updates and major updates. You can always download the latest version of Delete-Any-Order at any time by logging into your Yireo Account - as long as you have a support subscription that did not expire yet. If your subscription expired, you are required to purchase a new subscription.