• Make your 404 page user friendly
  • Show possible matches
  • Autoredirect to the best match


I will not build a site without

Dynamic404 is definitely not only useful but is in my arsenal of plugins I won't build a site without. Actually, it's the only one that is consistently needed for any site, regardless of what the site is for. I do recall I was a bit confused at first on how to get it to redirect the way I wanted it to, but I'm not sure there is any room for improvement on that. Maybe re-wording or displaying the instructions a bit it differently? It didn't take me long to get it though! If there were any more or any less features it just would not be perfect but it indeed is. I even downloaded a very expensive app that claimed to take care of all of the 404 issues I may have; but I discovered after fumbling with it for 2 hours and contacting their support, it would not do the two basic functions I downloaded it for, despite being bulked up with a bunch of useless features. I got my money and shortly found Dynamic 404 and haven't need anything else since!
Erica Burrell

Worth the (tiny) investment

Brand new to Joomla, extensions, plug-ins, modules etc. We were in the process of moving to a new Joomla site and feared many of existing (older) links would be lost or make new, returning visitors leave our site when encountering page 404. Not with Dynamic404 - we simply created a menu item to make the whole "page not found" experience even more user friendly for future visitors to our - soon to be revealed - brand new compact site! Absolutely brilliantly simple and worth the (tiny) investment.
Karin Hermans


This works perfectly for me. It is the only extension I found for Joomla! 2.5 that can redirect to outside the Joomla! site - helping me to migrate my site. And most of all, very reactive assistance.
Gerard Grazzini

Fantastic customer service

This affordable commercial extension was the solution to what seemed like an surmountable problem. Dynamic404 helped our team with the correct handling of 404-errors. In addition, we had challenging issues with upgrading from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. The support team at Yireo was extraordinary, offering assistance above and beyond. I highly recommend Yireo for clear, easy to use extensions and fantastic customer service!
Yosa Addiss

Great plugin

Exactly what I needed to get rid of the stupid 404 error. Thanks for a great piece of software at a reasonable price.
Daryl Crouse

Gets the job done

Perfect in its simpleness. Dynamic404 does exactly what it needs to, and nothing more or less.
Jasper Willemstijn

Site development tool

Dynamic 404 has been great when using with site redevelopment. Finds newly named relevant pages quickly and correctly. Search’s in search engines clicks to the new appropriate content. This Joomla extension has been incredibly helpful when rebuilding websites.
Dave Heggie

Manage hundreds of 301 redirects

I used Dynamic 404 during a major site rebuild. My client was on a defunct CMS and wanted to convert the site to Joomla. The old site had good search engine rankings, with over 400 URLs, and we were faced with the challenge of maintaining these rankings after the Joomla conversion. Dynamic 404 helped us to manage hundreds of 301 redirects from the old URLs to the appropriate Joomla ones. The result was that we saw minimal negative impact from the search engines, and zero loss in traffic after the Joomla launch. I highly recommend Dynamic 404!
Scott Greenwald

Forgot it completely

Well, I tried various "url prettyfiers", seo tools, 404 handlers etc and most of them had one or the other flaw after just a few weeks (or earlier). I installed your extension and after a while forgot it completely. I guess it couldn't be better - that is what such an extension is meant to be. Thanks for a good, solid piece of software.
Michael Grube

Thank you for your support and quick response

With around 10k of 404 errors accrued over the years it makes perfect sense to install Dynamic404 and set it to automatic url redirect.

Best money we've spent on our site

Dynamic404 has enabled use to easily reclaim a huge amount of old back-links that have been lost over the course of 10 years of incremental site changes. The results are frankly dramatic and this looks like it's just the beginning. Dynamic404 could well be the best money we've spent on our site!
Jeremy Webb

A real blessing

So far Dynamic404 has worked as I was hoping it would. Its actually been a real blessing and saved me a ton of work. Its been running for about 3 or 4 weeks and I haven't received any 404 errors from Google. Thanks for creating and maintaining the software, I never mind spending a few bucks for good quality software.
Ryan Kirby

Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me regarding my problem and thank you for being open to and implementing my extension suggestions...Means a lot to me!
Joseph Campbell

Would recommend to anyone!

Installation & Setup were a breeze - from purchasing to up and running in less than 5 minutes. Works like a charm.
Kerstin Muggeridge

Working perfectly

The extension is doing exactly what I needed/expected, and everything is working perfectly.

Michael Nilsson

A valuable tool

With Dynamic404 we could increase several factors, including pages per session and average session duration while the bounce rate hasn't changed since the launch of the new site. This is good considering dozens of URL changes for all three languages. A valuable tool to manage pages not found after the complete overhaul of the site with lots of new, optimized URLs.
Tamas Varga

Very versatile extension

Very versatile extension! Besides normal redirects you can dynamically redirect by using expressions to rewrite the URL. This is really good.

Yoav Raveh