GitHub Events

GitHub Events

  • Display a list of GitHub events
  • Integrates with GitHub API

The GitHub Events module displays a list of GitHub events (push, merges, etcetra) from your GitHub repositories, including information on the events actor (in English, the person who made the change). Display GitHub events on your site to promote your repo activity.

Cost Free
Current version 1.0.2 (Stable)
Requirements Joomla 3.6 - Joomla 3.7
PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0.4 or higher
Download Login to access this download
Support Support Forum
License GNU/GPL (General Public License)

Getting started

  • Download this module
  • Install it using the Joomla! Extension Manager
  • Create a new module instance using the Joomla! Module Manager

Configuring the GitHub API credentials

In the module setting, you need to fill in 3 fields:

  • GitHub user: The username of the GitHub user that you want to display information from.
  • GitHub Client ID
  • GitHub Client Secret

To get the values for Client ID and Client Secret, login to your GitHub account and navigate to the Account Settings and then Applications. Under Developer Applications, register a new application. Set both URLs simply to the URL of your Joomla! website, and name the application as you wish. Once the application is saved, the application page will list the Client ID and Client Secret in the top right.

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