• Control over your translations
  • Save costs on translators
  • No slowing down of your site


Release Details
Release 1.0.1
Released in: January 2015
Support for translating modules and categories
Release 1.0.0
Released in: January 2015
Addition of System Plugin to translate any textfield
Release 0.1.12
Released in: January 2015
Configuration option to disable attempt to fix encoding issues
Put fat controller on a diet
Move translation code to translation model
Release 0.1.11
Released in: December 2014
Fix encoding issues
Release 0.1.10
Released in: November 2014
Coding standards
Release 0.1.9
Released in: March 2014
Improve loading of jQuery to avoid conflicts
Added support for VirtueMart translations
Fixed hidden toolbar-button in J3.2
Release 0.1.8
Released in: January 2014
Yireo Library update
jQuery was disabled by default
Release 0.1.7
Released in: November 2013
Error in latest build of Joomla! backend-component
Release 0.1.6
Released in: September 2013
PHP Notice in plugin causing unexpected behaviour
Release 0.1.5
Released in: July 2013
Support for K2-items
Update of language-files
Upload language-file to Transifex
Release 0.1.4
Released in: February 2013
NEW: Option to disable jQuery
FIX: Update of language-files
NEW: Update of jQuery
NEW: Joomla! 3 support
Release 0.1.3
Released in: April 2012
Fix for FaLang in Joomla! 1.5
Release 0.1.2
Released in: February 2012
Improved error detection
Release 0.1.1
Released in: December 2011
Bugfix for JoomFish
Support for FaLang (aka JoomFish in J1.7)
Button-change when translation in progress
Release 0.1.0
Released in: September 2011
Initial release

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