• Optimize your Joomla site easily
  • Robust compression options
  • Advanced options available

The ScriptMerge plugin is a Joomla! System Plugin that merges all the CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files on your Joomla! page into one single file, which means that the browser only needs to download one single file - optimizing the bandwidth needed for your site.

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Current version 0.9.23 (Stable)
Requirements Joomla 2.5 (supported until June 2015)
Joomla 3.0 - Joomla 3.4
PHP 5.4 or higher
PHP 5.4.0 or higher
Download GitHub downloads
Support Support Forum
License GNU/GPL (General Public License)


  • Either use dynamic CSS / JS merging or merge to a cache file
  • Compress using the compression technique that works best for your specific files
  • Exclude any problemetic file easily
  • Support for advanced features like data URIs and WebP

Getting started

  • Install the plugin in the Extension Manager
  • Enable the plugin in the Plugin Manager


Want to see ScriptMerge in action?

See screenshots


  • Your Joomla pages will fly
  • Easy to use, while offering advanced options
  • Optimize loading times with a few clicks


When optimizing a Joomla! site, many things should be dealt with: Caching should be enabled, PNG-images should be indexed, unneeded Joomla! plugins need to be disabled. But another important trick to speed up your site is to limit the number of HTTP requests made by the browser to load the Joomla! webpage.

The Yireo ScriptMerge plugin performs this trick by altering the Joomla! body-content just before it's sent to the browser. Existing HTML-tags pointing to CSS-stylesheets and JavaScript-files are interpreted, the corresponding file is read and cached and the original HTML-tag is removed from the Joomla! body.

There are various other plugins available doing the same job, but in our tests these plugins did not fullfill the job: They were either written using an older coding standard (without a JPlugin-class) or not checking things properly (for instance whether CSS-files were actually readable). Our ScriptMerge plugin does the job, but just a bit better.

Credits & Contributions

This plugin has received great improvements from various contributors for which we are very thankful: Jeroen Jansen, Jisse Reitsma, Hans Kuijpers, Babs Gosgens, Ruud van Zuidam.

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